Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey Team,

So whoever decided to make a huge fuss about security today was an asshole. 
And wrong. 

(random note of person thought: anyone else think that the terrorists are just picking horrible places to hide their really poorly made weapons in order to result in us having more and more annoying screening? (shoes, then liquids, now underwear.... just saying ;) )

Anywho, so I ended up at my gate about 2 and a half hours before my flight took off and now I am on said flight, which I still have another 2 hours on, and I am bored out of my mind! I have tons of work to be doing for school, and I would have done it at the airport, but there was no wireless (and I didn't get a book from the library bc I was worried I was going to be late to the airport! ha!). I now clearly have wireless, but planes make me sleepy *pout* not that I can actually fall asleep of course. So doing research is so not happening. And the internet isn't good enough to even watch fun stuff on Youtube and I think I've read all the spanking fanfiction that exists. 

and POUT, did I say POUT :(

So I thought I'd come on here and say hey :) and Happy Thanksgiving! :) We're coming up on my 2 year blog birthday, which is crazy, btw. 

Also, my best friend is having her first play date this weekend with a (really sweet) guy (23) for whom this is also kinda a first time thing. So any advice you'd like to send them, post in the comments. I'm sure they would love any last minute words of advice you can give :)

I hope that everyone has safe travels and enjoys their time with families and friends. And for those of you who might happen to be British, this is my response. :) 


DAMNIT. Grrr I wrote all that out before I found the clips. They were very witty. But of course they are not on youtube. The first was of Giles calling all American's "Bloody Colonials" in the episode Pangs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Thanksgiving episode (that happens to be my favorite) famous for and for the "You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!" and "Syphilis!? It gave me syphilis!?!" and "Angel!....Are you evil?" "No! Why does everyone keep thinking I'm evil!") But of course what i wand it not there!!! *Throws something* HMPH!!! 
The second one was of Russel Brand on Rachel Ray the other day (God I dont' watch that show, but I saw the clip online and it was funny) of him saying that on thanksgiving all Brits hand their head in shame. It was funny :)

Oh well :(

Well, still, have a happy thanksgiving. I might post a Thanksgiving spanking related post tomorrow if I can. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. I need a spanking- anyone want to dish out a few swats? ;)

PSS. Omfg, the women next to me just busted out some very smelly wrap type thing. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! basic manners people. basic. 


  1. Good Evening...I love reading your Blog Kelly...What a brat you are!...I hope you do get those well need a spankos I Totally understand! Happy Thanksgiving Princess... :)

  2. Would love to help you get some much-needed swats. Safe travels, Kelly.

    PS I think my favourite Buffy quote is probably "We few, we happy few. We band of Buggered."

  3. Happy Thanksgiving... and safe travels. We're glad to be home this year and not dealing with airpports. And hey, there are always plenty of spanks down here in Florida!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. hello my name is samuel
    my blog
    made in belguim sorry my english very shit
    good bye

  5. Kelly, I can only imagine the length of the line of people if those of us wanting to "dish out a few swats" were able to be there to do so. Black and Blue Friday?