Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bullet Points

Not joking, so sick of writing in actual writing format, so ya'll are getting bullets. But I promise more non-bullets to come. These are in no order, and of no specific topic. revision- I'm doing pseudo topics separated by spaces...maybe...if html wants to cooperate

  • So Yahoo decided to spam half of ya'lls comments on my last post. Stupid yahoo. I live for comments. They make me feel so special. And had I gotten them I might have been encouraged to do this sooner (unlikely, but possible)
  • Yahoo did NOT spam the 3 from "phonesex." seriously yahoo? Seriously?

  • I am a pharmaceutical company's wet dream.
  • about a month ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is in addition to my generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks. It was bad, but not bad like I know many people who suffer with depression do. Mostly probably as a result of the fact that I was already on meds for the anxiety.
  • I am also in the middle of an identity/existential crisis.
  • This is probably the biggest reason I haven't been on here much, or responding to emails. I just haven't done anything.

  • If you have emailed me, and I haven't responded to you, I PROMISE I am not ignoring you. In fact, your email might have been the only thing that made me smile, or think of this world that day. I read them. I love them. I am a failure as a southerner for not responding. Bc ya'll deserve a response. Thank you for being the greatest friends/fans ever. :)

  • Glee is the best show on television
  • Ok. False. Welllll. Glee is the best show on television, BUT, Supernatural (which is still on tv, but I'm not loving this season) is in the running for best show of all time (currently about to overtake Buffy as my favorite ever. Joss Whedon still rules all though).
  • Glee=singing= Rachel =love=spanking- a post will follow about this i PROMISE.

  • I literally spent 27 hours the other weekend reading Supernatural spanking fanfiction. Some wincest (don't judge, wincest is just slash but better), some not. But yes, 27 hours. This is only slightly abnormal for me.
  • However, there were also fanvids involved. this is abnormal. They have nothing to do with spanking.
  • I also intend to attend a Supernatural convention. Not joking. I am that person.
  • If you didn't understand half of the terminology involved in this section, don't worry. You're normal. (But I must say, so not cool *wink*)

  • Speaking of conventions, no I was not able to attend the Shadow Lane party. Mainly because hosting a "Back to School" party generally means that those going back to school are, hey, what a concept, back at school.
  • Also, given what happened in London this summer, I don't think I will be attending a party unless I am "known" or have a date.

  • Also speaking of Shadow Lane, just rented the new Keith Jones movie, "Smarty Pants." Great film! Love the new girl, she is very pretty. Kinda reminds me of me when I was thinner. Definitely brats like I do. Hey, sometimes the answer to, "are you going to behave?" is simply "No."
  • Also rented for the first time Cold Comfort Farm. Damn. I know that the spanking is pretty weak, which is probably why some people who haven't watched a shadow lane video since the 80s might think that they're all like that, but I didn't care- those girls were hot. SOOO dated, but still hot. And Keith before he turned grey! OMG! Its like when I saw Mark Harmon (Gibbs) was the Sexiest Man Alive in 85 and was young and I was like, wtf?
  • that bullet had too many teenager isms

  • Rachel Maddow rules my world :)

  • I have no desire to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, or for that matter what I plan to do after I graduate! I'm thinking Europe.

  • I like wine. A lot. But alcohol in too large a quantity is baddddddddd (re: don't do shots of Baileys and vodka)

  • I got an Android. Love it. :)

  • My roommate is the hottest thing that God ever created. I kinda forgot this when I asked to room with her. It can be a bit distracting....
  • She needs a spanking SOOOO badly
  • She's Super vanilla. :(
  • I am a massive creeper.
  • There is a photo on here of her ass from a year ago....I've taken more since.
  • Yes she knows I'm bi, but she just likes it because I give her good attention that her long distance stupid boyfriend doesn't give her. And because I can tell her what lingerie looks hottest. And she knows I know these things :)

  • We have a mouse in our room. We named him JJ. Jerry Jr. Bc I had a mouse last year that I named Jerry (Tom and Jerry), so this one is JJ.
  • We may have named him, but we REALLY want him to go far far away.

  • One of my seminar professors is letting me write my research paper on the history of the sprawled out female nude. Not joking. So fucking excited.

  • And speaking of the word Fuck. Two best songs I'm listening to right now that aren't from Glee or directly Top 40
  • Fuck You by Cee Lo Green. Watch this video. Not only is the song awesome but the video is just....omg.
  • Black and Blue by Zach Chance, I have no idea what this video is- just listen to the song

  • Halloween, oh Halloween. I'm sorry ya'll didn't get your annual post, but you will get pictures.
  • Day One. Naughty Catholic School Girl.
  • "Oh! You look so hot! Are you Britney Spears?"
  • "Thanks! No, actually, I'm a fetish."
  • Day Two: Vampire. I don't think my boobs have ever been that out there.

Ok, I'm tired now, that's all I have to say for the moment, but the Glee spanking post as well as the Halloween photos....and maybe some of my sketchy photos of my roommate as well....will be up soon.

I love you all for always

Princess Kelley


  1. Sweetie, you are among the most adorable women I have ever met (okay, read). I apologize for not being much of a commenter. Truthfully, I felt a little boring in comparison. But now that I know I am not the only Supernatural fan out there - look out. :)

  2. So glad you posted, and sorry to hear how tough things have been. Be well!!


  3. So sorry to hear about the depression and anxiety. Sounds like you put too much pressure on yourself in college..Don't look at the whole picture, you have to eat the elephant in small bites. You can do it, one step at a time. Glad to hear from you.

  4. You are so right. Glee rules! Looking forward to your post.

  5. I too have suffered the hell of clinical depression for longer than I can remember. The medication does help and knowing you aren't alone.It's hard at your young age and I hope you can either get better or at least do what I do and live with it.Be lucky.

  6. Hey Sweetie,

    I know depression can be a bitch, but I know you have the right attitude to beat it...fuck 'em if they can't accept it wins every time. Enjoy hearing from you :)


  7. I'm an American living in Europe for about 5 years. Love it! I'm thinking Paris or London next!