Monday, February 11, 2013

Question Friday #4

Hey Team,
As always, apologies for the delay. Was a busy weekend, then ended up not feeling well yesterday, and have just been a bit worthless at getting anything done today. But it's edited and up! I hope you all enjoy. :)

Currently working on getting a tour of my toy bag edited. Made the video based on a bunch of questions I received, and it was all definitely too much to fit into a QF video. Expect that mid to later this week.

Thanks for all the feedback I've been getting lately- it really means a lot. Trying really hard to get this back up and going again. As always, please leave questions for the next QF video in the comments below! :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Enjoyed the video. You are remarkably mature for your age in explaining what you like about the lifestyle.


  2. Very informative...and a unique glimpse into what makes you, YOU!

  3. Hi. :)
    Excited to hear a video with Dana Cane is going to happen. You asked for plot ideas, I'll have to think on that. All the Dana Cane video's I've seen have been with just her and a 'bottom' so I'll assume that will be the situation with your video.
    Was it Bonnie that commented about your eyes being seductive? I agree. You have beautifully expressive eyes, but it goes beyond that. You are relaxed in front of the camera. This transelates to the viewer as welcoming, open and honest. And that, is seductive. :)



  4. Hi Kelley,
    I've sent you a plot idea, actually a mini script, via e-mail. I hope you like it.


  5. Hi Kelley,

    A word of advice to your brother when having his picture taken. A smile doesn't have to be a big toothy grin. A smile has more to do with the eyes than the teeth.:) Instead of trying to make himself laugh he should try to think of something pleasant, like that first girl that said, "yes" when he was worried about rejection. (Works for me.)


  6. Hi kelley,

    I've been a fan of your blog and videos for a long time now, and i know you've been going farther into BDSM in your personal life. Is that something you plan to include in your videos, or will they be kept to only spanking?

    Also, I was wondering if you had any advice for someone tring to find spanking partners, I'm in the east Tn. area if that helps.