Friday, February 22, 2013

What Should be Question Friday

Hey Team,
So I am sad to say that I did not receive enough questions to do a question Friday video this week. :( I guess I did so many I answered them all! Lol. :) So let's take a break this week and check back in next week and see if there are more to come. :)

A bit of a life update as well. Things are crazy hectic here. I am headed next weekend to Las Vegas for a private spanking party as well as filming with Dana Kane and the amazing Ralph Marvel. Then the week after that, I leave for LA for a week to do vanilla modeling! *crazy scared eyes* It's going to be hectic and frantic. I am going to do my best to keep up with everything here, but I make no promises.

Also, the playbag video is still in the works. I filmed the whole thing and then was beyond disappointed with how it turned out, so I need to re-shoot it! :( Gr. It's on the list. The never-ending list that grows faster than I can possibly cut it down.

Also, been working on TASSP stuff today, and wanted to post a reminder to everyone that it's coming up in June, and you HAVE TO COME! It's mandatory. lol. Jk, but you really should join us if you can. It's a great group of people, and a blast of a weekend. Information and registration information is available and if you want to email us you can at

Ok, going to get back to work trying to dig out from under this massive pile!

Princess Kelley


  1. HI Kelley,

    Are you sure your contact info, e-mail address info is correct, up to date?


    1. have only found and

  2. how is "did not receive enough questions" even possible?

    will certainly try not to ever let that again ... sorry

  3. I really like your name by the way.

    What is your feeling on underwear?
    Any chance of an underwear tour video after your play bag tour?
    Why are you so awesome?

  4. Here is a question for you. When it comes to spanking/kink play, do you care what a person's political beliefs are? If someone is totally right-wing... thinks Rachel Meddow is nuts... would that have an impact?

    btw, if you get near Phoenix in any of your coming travels please let us know... we'd love to see you!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  5. Hello Kelly,

    I just discovered your site and some of your videos on Spankingtube. You are incredible:) You have a new fan. I am looking forward to your toy bag tour:)

  6. Kelley -

    Do you dress to your pleasure, or do you dress to the standards of the man?
    This has recently come up at home, from underthings to formal attire. Will you be wearing what he instructs you to wear?


  7. Hi Kelley, and welcome back. I look forward to reading your trip report.

    Anyhow, we can't have you running out of questions. Here are a few more.

    1. Has your recent involvement with BDSM changed your perspective on spanking in any way? If so, how?

    2. Do you ever wish you had pursued modeling earlier? Or was it right to wait?

    3. When attending an out of town spanking party, what sort of spanko items do you typically pack?

    4. Do you have any unusual fan requests you would like to share? (I get these occasionally, but I imagine you appeal to a whole different crowd).

    5. When you're at a party and you've been there for a while and you've spanked several times and your bottom is really sore and you're asked to play again by someone you like, how do you decide whether to beg off or carry on?

    I look forward to hearing your responses. :)


  8. So the other day at work a girl sits down next to me and starts talking to me about this guy. She told me that the guy sent her a friend request via facebook. He also sent a message stating that he had planned to talk to her in between one of his classes, but the chance never occured. She also told me that this guy did not introduce himself and they have no common friends. I told her to text me his name and I would do a reverse facebook stalk. While talking to the girl I noticed a few things about her. One, I was sitting considerably by myself and she plopped down next to me, at that point I have only talked to her once. Two, she did not hesitate to give me her number. And three, she treated me like we were long time acquaintances. Upon making these observations, I told her that women are rational and guys are logical. I DIDNOT ,and I regret this, tell her that she did the things that would make a guy like her. The male sex energy is "seek and conquer" like a laser beam and she accidentially stepped in front of it. Well we figured that the only way he found her on facebook was that he either asked somebody, or went to a UNT directory. Her facial expression showed the beginning signs of fear, and concern, so I did the reverse face book stalk. I noticed that this guy had many girls as friends but only about two pictures and comments of and from a girl. The flags were big enough for me to realize that this was a desperate guy with no woman interaction skills.
    Since you were upset about the February 22 question FrIday, and had not posted any more since, I thought that I would ask a more serious question. What are your comments about the growing problem of, male social dysfunction? Let's face it, a lot of these guys ARE going to come to these events. Where do you think this phenomenon is coming from? Please give us some personal experiences.
    I would also like you to do a video on how to socialize with women. For some of our male spankos. Start be telling us the things you don't like when guys socialized with you. Give examples. Then define the word creeping, following, and stalking, in a dumbed down elementary way. Please express the discomfort that all the ladies feel when just one creeper shows up.
    I would then want you to make a video on how to approach a woman. First, in a public place like a mall, movie theatre, grocery store, library, or restaurant. Places where you don't go to specifically meet strangers. Then, explaing non-creep approaching techniques for party situations, like a formal ceremony, private dinner party, and typical Sunday church services. Places where it is okay to go up to strangers but not the main purpose. Finally, night spots, like bars, clubs, and house parties. Places where you definitely go to meet people.
    Finally do a video that CLEARLY EXPLAIN that just because a girl does a "space invasion," that it does not mean that she wants to sleep with you. Example, at work they gave us those little candy hearts. I had a few in my hand and I made a comment about them all saying the same thiing. This one girl whom I had just met for the first time earlier that day said that she would take some of the load off my hands, she took a piece candy out of my hand. Another example, I was shrink wrapping a pallet. My but was in the air and I was moving backwards. I told her "wide load coming through" and she patted me on the small of my back and said "oh your too sweet run me over butt first." Final example, a girl was picking up trash, picked up a stick and made the motion that she was going to spank me with it, before she threw it away. Explain to these guys that these girls invaded my personal space because they like me as a person.
    So here you go plenty of questions to ignite a response.