Friday, May 10, 2013

Three Conversations with my Mother

In case for some reason it ever needed to be proven that my mother is indeed my mother, may I please present the following three recent conversation snippets.

Me: I am totally winning this break-up.
Mom: What?
Me: Winning the break-up. It's a thing. I think it's from Friends. Francesca thought it was weird to make something inherently not competitive competitive, but I, well I'm totally winning.
Mom: Well I'm glad you're winning your break up. Because we all know I don't like losers.

[Regarding advice about the future and discussing careers and education]
Mom: The only advice I ever really received in grad school was from my international banking professor. After we took the exam, he came up to me and said, "[name], I don't think you are cut out for this." And at that time, the only way to do international business was in banking, so I was kinda devastated and asked why? He replied, "well pretty much all of international banking is done on committee, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't really strike me as someone who does well on committees unless you're in charge of them."
Me: *laughs hysterically* Well as least I know it's genetic!

Me: I just downloaded this app called Zombie Run... thinking about trying to walk more. Also want to take up archery.
Mom: Oh good! I wasn't going to say anything, but I was thinking the other day that now that you're not having sex, you aren't getting any exercise at all.

Princess Kelley


  1. I suppose at least she's honest...

  2. Not having sex? (stupification)

    I think we need to get you a book by Betty Dodson. Breaking up has never been an impediment to anyone else having sex!