Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey Team!

So I am currently on my flight home from Shadow Lane, aggravated because I can’t leave my seat to get my laptop, so I’m typing this on my kindle, so tired the idea of feeling exhausted sounds like a pleasant improvement, and beyond sore! Sitting would not have been on my short list of chosen activities for today certainly.

I’m going to do a blow by blow for each day of the party ASAP, but now doesn’t seem like the best time. So I will give you a summary with high points at for the moment instead.

Upon last count, I received 42 separate spankings this weekend. Probably around a dozen of those were what I would consider to be “full scenes.” I cried actual tears (or more accurately, bawled my eyes out), during a scene for only the second time ever, and for the first time in a scene that wasn’t discipline.
I made new friends! (One couple in particular, who are kinda my new favorite people ever) I rekindled and strengthened a bunch of amazing old friendships.

I played with Keith again. ;)

I danced like a crazy person. I laughed more than I have in months. I did the two best role play scenes I have ever done. I slept barely any, and ate little more than that. I wore a tutu, ripped a ball gown, actually sat on a pillow, had my left ear molested, won my court case, successfully roomed by myself with little angst, and colored a very exciting dragon.

And I unsuspectingly got closure on a conflict that has plagued my heart for the past three years. The biggest regret in my entire spanking history was resolved, to my complete and utter surprise. And I couldn’t be happier.

Princess Kelley

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  1. It was soooooo great to see you, you gorgeous woman! :-D