Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Brat is Back

Well, she never went away, she was just weighed down a bit by stress for a while. But she’s back. And oh is she ever making up for lost time! *wicked little grin* :) Nervous? You should be.

To be Continued….


  1. the brat is back? uh oh. be afraid. be veryyyy afraid.... :)


    p.s. are really cute btw. *grinz*

  2. Wow. An adorable brat with a strict Daddy. Yes, I'm loving your blog.

    Big congrats on your exam and paper. Looking forward to reading more about the first aid kit, and any trouble you've been getting in. :)

  3. Hey, I wanted to read about the first aid kit...wait, I already know the story...sorry.
    Well, your musings were lovely, and I look forward to more.. I hope that you and all of your readers have a Happy Holiday season, and I do adore you...
    Daddy aka Edward

  4. Dave- lol, yes, be VERY afraid :) mwahaha!!! and thank you, you are very sweet

    Eric G- aw! Thank you so much. I promise I'll be updating super soon...possibly tonight, and I will be telling all about the first aid kit as well as all of my spankings.

    Daddy- :-P love you :)

    Princess Kelly