Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Better Not Shout, You Better Not cry, You Better Not Pout I’m Telling You Why…

...Santa Clause is coming to town…

…Wait a second! Fuck Santa!... It should “Daddy will blister your backside if you do.” :)

So I’m so sorry that I never updated about my last trip to Daddy’s but in the meantime I’ve finished my semester and gone to see him again, and I am currently on my plane back home to see my family and my friends wondering how I ever survived without the internet! So I have tons to tell and I’m not really sure how I’m going to go about doing it, but chances are it will be in lots of different posts, b/c I have TONS of photos and stories to share! Yay! :) I know you’re excited. Don’t lie. I see you smiling ;). Plus I’m on vacay so I have a lot more time to post. And the attention whore in me is just dying to get out :)

So to start I suppose I’ll do an overview of what has happened since my last post, and then I’ll go into details. Well, after I went to see Daddy last time, and had such a wonderful time there (and I will eventually post about some of my time that time), my life kinda spiraled out of control. I’ve been going through a lot of relationship drama, not to mention all the stress of finals, and it all just took its toll. In the chaos, I made some impulsive decisions, that were moderately reckless and I endangered my safety (though everything worked out very well in the end) and I hurt my Daddy some in the process. NONE of which was ever my intent. But it caused a LOT of drama. I’ll go into the details in my recount of the punishment that I received for it. Then on top of that, I had my finals. All of my procrastination caught up to me, and it was a real struggle. I set very high standards for myself, and am judged based on my very distinguished peers, and it can all be very overwhelming.

Now that it’s all over, I can look at it in perspective, I simply just did not handle the stress well, and I made everything worse. But hindsight is always 20/20, and as long as I learned from the experience, that’s all that really matters. And I have learned.

Ok, this has been incredibly glum! And there’s no reason to be! There’s so much GOOD NEWS!!! :) I did REALLY well on all of my exams, and I achieved my main goal for the semester- to get back on the dean’s list, which a month ago seemed out of reach. Plus I got an A on a research paper that almost killed me back around thanksgiving and started all of this drama. I can’t even explain how it felt to turn in that history final (my last one, which I had a nervous breakdown studying for) and get that paper and see a big A on it. I just felt like all the weight that has been on me for a month just went away. Like I’d been validated. Yeah, there’s still boy drama, but when is there ever not boy drama? And most if it has been worked out. Still a bit to go, but without a bit of conflict life would be boring right?....well I tell myself that at least.
But anywho, back to spanking. :) So after my final exam, I packed up in the quickest hurry of all time, and after having a chat with my now definitely “pseudo” bf, who I haven’t heard from in a while, I headed down to see Daddy for a few days. It was so nice to just be hugged by him. To feel safe and protected and loved. The first night I got what Daddy calls a “little girl spanking” to remind me that I am his little girl, and that he loves me and that I’m his. I was super tired (I hadn’t really slept much…or at all… for a few days) and so the plan was to give me my spanking and put me to bed early, with a nice warm backside to help my sleep. Sigh :)

We got back home after he picked me up at the train station, and after sitting in his lap in the big recliner, we went back to the bedroom for my spanking. Now, this wasn’t a punishment, nor was is supposed to be. It’s like a hug in the form of a rosy bottom. Daddy gives the most wonderful hand spankings, and he did not disappoint. He had me take off my pants and panties, so I was standing in front of him in nothing but my t-shirt (normally he would have had me in pjs, but I was too tired to go through my bags to find them). Then he put me across his lap with my torso resting on the bed, and he warmed up my backside nice and slow, ‘til it was just the perfect shade of deep pink. And then he picked me up and held me on his lap, but apparently, as much as I wanted a nice light warm up, I needed a bit more. So started being a bit naughty. He warned me that he would send me to go get the hairbrush, and I whispered that that wasn’t what I needed. And he just knew.

Back over his knee I went for a much harder, much faster hand spanking. The kind that just stings a lot and feels very warm but doesn’t make me want to die or get away, despite the pain, and once it’s done, I feel oh so sleepy and content. He’d asked if I was going to be a good little girl, if I’d gotten rid of my attitude, and all it took was one little “hmph!” pout or very teeny tiny foot stomp and down came another barrage of stinging swats to my poor defenseless bare bottom.

It’s amazing! Sometimes I say that I just can’t help but be a brat and that is SO true. Even when my ass is on fire and I’m begging for it to stop, if it stops just 3 swats too soon, my inner brat knows, and she won’t put up with my needs not being taken care of, and she will make herself known. So I really do mean it when I say that “It hurts Daddy, it hurts!!! Please daddy please stop!” I just might not always be aware right then what it is that I need. But Daddy knows. Or the brat knows. But either way, I get taken care of.

So after I was finally sedated and had a nice warm stingy backside, and Daddy and I had cuddled for a while I got ready for bed and Daddy tucked me in next to him, and I fell fast asleep, and had easily the most restful night’s sleep I’d had in over a month. *purrrrrrr*

To Be Continued….


  1. My dear, you do write an outstanding story, and I was there... I cannot wait to read about the rest of your trip..
    Daddy aka Edward

  2. Edward- Thanks daddy :) Love you