Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas gifts and First Aid: what they have in common

My Daddy, as always, was too nice to me for Christmas, and got me the most wonderful gifts. I must say though, that the best part about them was how easy it is to see how well he knows me.

Chocolates- does this really need explanation? My love for chocolate (or food in general) is possibly the only thing on this planet that could even come close to rivaling my love for spanking. :)

A Souvenir Spoon- I collect them. He remembered. Aww :)

Panties- Squee! :-D So those very pretty panties that I mentioned after my last visit are now in my possession (along with 5 more pair that I bought when I dragged him back to my favorite store (VS of course!) yesterday!). I have a HUGE panty fetish, and I will write a post about it sometime soon, promise. J But can I just say, that men can NOT agree on what they like! Lol, yes I realize that all men are different, but you would think spankos would have some sort of consensus. Alas no. I thought that there was an agreement against thongs until I met M, and that dream got shattered! Sigh. Well I suppose I’ll just have to wear what I like, and ya’ll will just have to deal with it :-P. Oh, and btw, what I like is usually lacy, but sometimes just playful, or bratty. Any color that’s pretty. Either low rise bikini, boy shorts, or my favorite- cheeky panties. Anything that makes me look spankable really.

A First Aid Kit- this will be explained in detail in a minute. You know you’re curious ;)

Shadow Lane’s “The Mischief Makers” on DVD- My first ever spanking DVD! J I’ve downloaded a few of SL’s wonderful videos before (as well as other sites great productions), but I’ve never actually ordered one to have a copy. Very cool. And I have a ridiculously huge crush on Samantha Woodley. Granted I’ve had it for a LONG time, but good lord she is delicious! I can’t decided if I want to spank her (most likely), kiss her (2nd most likely), be spanked by her, with her or just be a fly on the wall to watch that beautiful backside get spanked and that even lovelier face react! Ok, I could go on for hours, so I’ll stop myself now, lol, but I would also like to add that Steve Fuller is a great spanker! My Daddy knows me well.

And lastly….

A Bath brush from Rosy Bottoms- I think this might be the equivalent of the switch santa leaves in the stockings of all the naughty children. But me? Naughty? Never! *Big innocent brown eyes*. Anywho, I was the one who introduced Daddy to this site a few months back. I was attracted instantly by all the pinups (I secretly dream that I was born earlier so that I could have been a 1940s pinup) but Daddy apparently decided he liked them as well- a little too much if you ask me! We now have a otk wooden paddle from them, as well as a vicious leather paddle and now this bath brush. Daddy says it’s for me to use on the naughty girl I find to spank (if only!), but in the meantime, it’s for his use, and I’m not so happy about that. *pout*….though I will admit, it is pretty cute ;)

Ok so wanna hear the story behind the first aid kit? do, I promise. It’s too good to pass up!

To be continued….


  1. I love your blog, and am developing a crush on you, and lust for your lush body. Please keep posting.
    Jean Marie

  2. I can certainly understand you thing for panties! They really, really flatter you. :-)
    I like lacy panties too, because they look very sweet on you.

    My Mistress makes me wear them... :-(

  3. Jean Marie- *blush* you are too sweet. :) And I promise, I will post very soon- probably tonight :)

    Mark- yes, panties make me quite happy :) And hm...I think lacy panties are the best, so your mistress must have good taste ;)

    Princess Kelly

  4. Hi Kelly, Mistress has good taste for panties...I wish however she'd prefer to see them on another sexe... :-(

  5. lol, you are the funniest writer!

    And we have the kitchen set from Rosy Bottoms, I don't know if she still offers it or not, but a container with spoons, spatulas, etc, decorated so you can leave it out and laugh as the vanillas comment on how cute it is.

    And we like pinup girls too. Did you know that in the gadget sections of your blog, if you type in pinup girls, you can put them on?