Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exciting New Year's News!

So at around 7:00 eastern time my interview with The Spanking Spot goes up!!!!! eeek! Lol, I'm like giddy nervous and excited! Its the perfect way to cap off this decade I think.

(Update: just saw the finished thing! OMG!!!! Love it! I'm so excited. And I just am obsessed with the new layout of his site! It looks SOOO good! I'm flattered and happy and just...squeeee!!!! Happy Dance!!!!)

Just in case ya'll didn't do the math, I was 10 when y2k happened and so I went through all of middleschool and highschool and half of college in the 00's, and it has been a crazy decade with the most intense ups and downs. I started watching porn around 2000 so its probably fitting that I have a pornographic inteview to start 2010.

So I also am going to answer the questions a few of ya'll emailed me, and I hope that you enjoy both the interviews (and accompaning photos) and that everyone has a happy and SAFE new year.

Princess Kelley

From Jesse:

1. Would you or have you done any videos? Would you ever do one(or more)? I have not done any professional videos, but I have done just some fun videos with past boyfriends/daddies and one of them is posted on SpankingTube (the link is on the side). I would definitely be up for doing more.

2. Have you ever received any other discipline methods other than spanking? I.e. Mouth soaping, enema, et cetera... Thoughts? Sigh, Nana is going to wash my mouth out. Currently we're doing "imagined" soaping with real spankings, and when I get to her she's goign to do it for real. It scares me A LOT so she won't make me do it myself or until she can hold me in her arms.
Obviously I've experienced the basic- cornertime, grounding, etc- and I've also had a butt plug used as punishment, and exposure used as punishment (though that was more fun than punishment ;) ). I'm not a fan of enemas at this stage of the game.

3. Would you ever consider becoming a spanking model or doing any professional discipline style media? Yes- if he doesn't post the full version answer to this question, I will here.

4. Ever been spanked by a Canadian? Would you ever want to? *winks* lol Haha, no I have not, though one of my first spanking friends in the scene was Canadian. Have I expressed my thoughts here on the surprisingly large number of Canadian spankos? Maybe its just that I don't know any other Canadians.

5. when punished, do you cry easily? Getting actual wet tears from me is close to impossible without physically beating me (which has happened) or starting with me crying. But getting me to "Sob" and feel that cry and release is pretty easy. If I'm in a certain headspace, I can take a monster spanking without a single sniffle, but in the right headspace, I can be a sobbing repenant mess after a dozen firm hand spanks.

From Jack:

Which feeling is better: being spanked or just having been spanked? Does it depend on the implement? Hm. That's a very interesting question. I wish I had been spanked more recently- I feel I would be better equiped to answer this. I will say that yes it depends on the implement, and that my general answer will be being spanked. I do however love the feeling of a freshly strapped bottom- when its just perfectly red and hot but not bruised or welted or raw, mmmmmmm. But in general, I'm a big fan of the moment, and for me, the feeling of a spanking doesn't last that long- my spankers always joke that I would like to just be across their lap getting spanked the Whole day- and that's not too far from the truth! But please make time for kisses (I haven'tbeen kissed in 7 months :( for the record).

I'm sorry if I missed anyones questions. I'll be happy to keep this as a running list and answer any more that I recieve :) Love ya'll!


  1. Congratulations on making it through the "naughties" and for your article. Oh and I thionk a lot of us canadians are spankos because it gives us a way to be warm and pohysically active during those long Canadian winters (wink).
    Richard, Canadian living in New Mexico

  2. FANTASTIC interview on the spanking spot. You are fabulous and your responses are thoughtful and intrguing and just plain spanktastic!

    Best to you,

  3. Kelley,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Spank Spot interview. Such a fun read. Best wishes for 2010 from a snowy north east England!!!

  4. Hi kelley

    My resolution for 2010 is to comment on blogs i've lurked on, some for years... You are my first comment, ever!

    1. I'd usually say as long as you're healthy it doesn't matter what shape your body is. But you're young, and beautiful too so don't worry about it.

    2. Only professionally model if the risk is worth the worry. At the risk of sounding old, not getting too distracted and doing the best you can at school is still a good idea in todays world.

    3. Keep blogging and have a fabulous 2010.