Friday, January 29, 2010

Ciao Bella!!!

Ciao Team!!!!

Greetings from Europe! I’m so sorry that it has taken me this long to write a post (feel free- and even encouraged- to dish out some well deserved swats). It has just been pretty crazy getting settled in and even just figuring out what to write. I promised quite a lot of people that I would not tell where I am, but so much of my experience is very much directly related to Where I am, but I think I’ve thought of some pretty creative ways to get around any hurdles. The first of which is that I can tell you Allll about my exciting and plentiful long weekend/break trips as long as I tell you After I get back to my “home.”

Well let me just give you the high points of my time so far. I LOVE IT. Lol. That’s the gist. I am living with a family and going to school at the “compound” that my school has with the other 20 or so students. I have an unfortunately quite long and tiring commute (that involves walking up the most evil mountain of all time- my ass better look fabulous by the end of this trip!- though I guess really I’m just combating all the amazing and rich food I’m eating, lol- no one has ever cooked as well as my house mom) but its nice to get both experiences. I like my classes so far, which is nice, and I think I have gotten over the jet lag and gotten into a rhythm with internet and communication and such.

I am currently writing this on the train off to my next exciting weekend adventure (every weekend is a 3 day weekend for us). But this means that I can tell you about last week’s trip- FLORENCE!!! :)
So… as an art hi story major I can’t even begin to tell you my love for this beautiful city. I had been to Florence before in the summer, but it was nice to get to be there in low season when there were so few people there. I didn’t have to wait in a single line! But I was freezing my ass off, lol. Since there are no longer pictures allowed in any of the nation museums there (which I think is a good thing personally since people were totally abusing the no flash rule and killing the beautiful art!) I won’t be regaling you with a plethora of photos of the David and my favorite painting The Venus of Urbino, but I will be giving you a more spanko appropriate tour of the city in what I am going to be calling

The Booty Tour of Europe!

This idea was sprung from one of my all time favorite sculptures (I actually am a really big fan of sculpture- a love that started from my obsession with Baroque sculptor (and demi God) Bernini) which is in Florence in the Logia- the Rape of the Sabiens. This is one of the best asses in sculpture in my personal opinion (though I’m about to give you some examples that are far superior) and the second I saw it this time I knew what the plan was. Because see the thing is, if I didn’t work hard to stop myself, it would be all too easy to accidently turn this blog into my personal art history/museum fun fest and so this is my way of making art more accessible to spankos :) and let’s just be honest here- its pretty fucking fun ;).

So to begin, the Rape of the Sabien which is in the Logia in the Piazzo Vecchio outside of the Uffizi and the Palazzo Vecchio. This masterpiece of marble which is done in a style that I would consider to be a cross between Michelangelo and Bernini depicts the famous Greek tragedy and has no single view point. Wonderful booty. Very believable, and of course the entire sculpture is quite feral in nature, which gives this butt an extra dimension of spankability. :) Those artists that depict women well really pay attention to the booty- which really can look quite fantastic in marble.

Here are a couple lesser ones that I snuck photos of inside of the Uffizi- the standing one is a Roman statue (most likely a copy of a Greek original).

So next (oh and btw for some of these I was being sneaky in my photos and will need to look up names later- the art historian in me is hanging my head in shame) is possibly my favorite. This was the other one that I remembered distinctly from my last trip and solely for this amazing bottom. It is in the Academia (where the David is) in this back room that holds a vast collection of plaster casts and some finished marbles. This one is just especially juicy… agreed?

And now, because there is just so much wonderful male booty in sculpture, and because I honestly am an equal opportunity ass employer (not when it comes to spanking, but all of my boyfriends- especially John- have had some FABULOUS asses!) here’s a nice strong man ass ;) lol. Avert your eyes if you feel so inclined, but I am personally a big fan ;)

And this- well this is just a painting in a random room of the Uffizi of a Venus but is it just me or does that bottom look a little flushed? Like maybe she just got a nice good girl spanking? ;) Just my dirty mind? I think not!

Ok, well I hope that you have enjoyed the first stop on the Princess Kelly European Art Booty Express. Other possible stops will be Paris, Rome, Capri, Ireland, Prague, and Brussels. Any places that ya’ll love? Let me know!

Love ya’ll!

Princess Kelley

PS. I NEED A SPANKING!!! And a kiss please


  1. have a great adventure


  2. What a fun idea! Can't wait to see more! <3

  3. Well hello to you to beautiful. Ciao is my favorite way of saying goodbye. I'm bilingual so it works in both languages!

    If you need to be spanked be sure and visit me at the Shadow Lane party this year :)

  4. I enjoyed the booty tour but none of them hold a candle to your fabulous booty....I would love to be the one to give you that spanking you want/need so badly

  5. I just got back from Italy about a month ago..i was in florence and it was amazing. Have fun! Make sure you go to Venice..its amazing!

  6. Spanking Catharsis- muah! :)

    Anonymous- Thanks! :)

    Little Butterfly- So happy you like it! :D

    Tank- Very cool that you're bi-lingual. Where did you learn Italian? And I am hoping very much that I can make it to one of the Shadow Lane parties this year. It has always been a dream. :)

    Kevin- well thank you :) And I'm glad you enjoyed my tour! I thought it was fun :)

    Anonymous- Yes Firenze is wonderful! :) And Venice for Carnivale was spectacular, absolutely unreal.

    Claudio- Ciao! Grazie mille per la sua risposta. Mi dispiace per l'ortografia- no posso "spell" ne in inglese ne in italiano! Carnevale era pazzo e fantastico- erano in venezia per la prima fin de settimana! A prego per le picture. Sono conteta che ti piaccia. Di dove sei?