Monday, February 1, 2010

Slippers: Footwear or a Convenient and Economical Spanking Implement?

"You better just be glad that Daddy doesn't flip you over his knee and spank that naughty bottom with those very convenient foot inserts little girl."

Well let's just say I was glad. I did get a spanking last night for not having my phone charged during the day (a virtual one- I didn't bring my brush with me this weekend, and the walls in my "hotel" were very thin (I can't tell you how much I need to feel a man's hand on my bare bottom)- but the spanking I got was after this little threat. I don't even remember what this was in response to, but I knew immediately- OMG I need to write that down!

So the foot inserts Daddy(/Papa) was talking about were Dr. Scholl's heavy foot inserts that I bought for my boots after my tour of the Vatican, and his comment made me curious. Would those inserts, which while much floppier that the average slipper/shoe are quite firm and heavy, make an impact on a naughty bottom? I think they would. The actually very much remind me of the London Tanners 'slipper' leather paddle that I bought for John last year and that was applied to my deserving backside on Many occasions. It's something that has to be applied with quite a bit of oomph to make an impact but packs quite a sting.

Then this is in contrast to actual slippers or footwear used as a spanking implement. I have a few times (and by a few spankers) been spanked with my own flip flops, which are quite painful- or at least the heavy ones are. Light flip flops just make a lot of noise and thud and are quite ineffective. But I used to have this pair at my house back in high school that I self spanked with ALL the time. They were very heavy and thin and they made so little noise.

(OMG side note: speaking of noise, Friday evening I was sitting in a café next to a butcher shop and the butcher at some point started pounding out meat. O.M.G. I got SO hot. I have never heard anything that sounded exactly like a spanking before! Flesh on flesh. Mmmmmm yes please!)

Anywho, back to slippers, any thoughts? I know this is kinda a random and disjointed post but I'm on a train with no internet, and I figure hey, I thought of something to write, ya'll should be excited right? So please discuss thoughts in the comments section (pretty pretty please *big innocent eyes that you can't say no to*)


Princess Kelley


  1. I don't know if it would be as effective as a slipper but with the right person swinging the insert I'm willing to be the point will get across

  2. The butcher pounding the meat... I can just hear that... and just thinking about that sound is kind of turning me on! Now I am never going to think of the butcher the same way again!

  3. I read your blog fairly often but haven't commented yet. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Italy!

  4. I wonder if the butcher had those thoughts too?

  5. Kevin- well I think we must now experiment!

    Little Butterfly- Lol, :) Muahhahaha my evil plan to make people horny at the butcher is working!! Muahahah lol. ;)

    Anonymous- Hi there! thank you for commenting, and I'm so glad you like my blog! I hope that you continue to comment- they make me so happy :) And yes, I am having a wonderful time here

    Malcom- HAHAHAHAHA lol :D

    Princess Kelley