Saturday, February 27, 2010

Larrkin Spanking Fanfiction

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So I had midterms this week and have been stessed about trying to plan my spring break trip and just feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately. Thus, instead of working on my stuff, I partook in my favorite escapist pastime- reading spanking fanfiction. :) Now this is not new- I literally read spanking fanfiction almost every day and have done so for the past 7 years. What makes this week notable is that I rediscovered my all time favorite author- Larrkin.

Larrkin writes the most amazing spanking stories in existence. Period. Now that beign said they might not be everyone's taste- though they should be! She writes LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fanfiction- pretty much exclusively Male/Male (something I Love in discipline fanfiction, and which is acutally the majority of the stuff that is available). Her stuff is slash though not overtly or in your face. When I read her stories I just get so wrapped up and involved that it becomes the entire meaning to my life. Seriously.

I first discovered Larrkin when I was 13 or 14- so 8th or 9th grade- on a yahoo group for LOTR spanking fanfiction- tha I technically wasn't allowed to be a part of *shh*. I read her first two stories and fell in love immediately. Then she began her Ranger Child serous. Be Warned! ONE of Larrkin's chapters will be btw 50-80 pages and each story has about 8 chapters. So if you get invested, you will spend a lot of time reading! So when she was writing Ranger Child I remember coming home from school everyday for months to check for updates and I would lose myself in her world.

Sadly she doesn't always update often, but everytime she does its beyond worth it. She is the reason I am so obsessed with LOTR (I learned elvish when I was in 9th grade- yes I am that dorky) and to be honest her writing and views and he beautiful, soulful, perfect way she presents spanking and discipline has had a profound influence on my own views of spanking and in many ways shaped my hopes for the future and what I want in my husband. So to say that I recommend reading her would be the understatement of the century.

I love everything she has written with a passion, but if you just want to read one- and you might be confused by the epic plot you are jumping into- I would reccomend Ranger Child 6. It is a slightly unusual pairing of Legolas topping Aragorn (though this is something I really like, and throughout her "world" aragorn is usually taking care of Legolas' naughty bottom, but this one shows the reverse b/c Aragorn just Neeeeeeeds it. I swear after reading one of her stories I would just beggggg for a spanking.) but this story I think is the best example of the influence on my views. I also love the "Attention Deserved/Invited" pair and Ere the Final march, and Tale to Becalm the Healing (yay Faramir!!!)... oh, hell! I love all of it!

Ok I could go on for days if I don't stop myself soon- I've re-read each of her stories atleast 2 to 3 times! Soooo read it, love itand le it change your life!!!!!

exerpt just showing examples of the take on loving discipline- this could easily be the summary of my views on spanking (from Aragorn in "Attention Deserved"):

A spanking is not meant to diminish. It is meant to nourish. The unspoken message conveyed to anyone over my knee, hobbit, elf, or man is, ‘I care about you. I am not indifferent to your need, your guilt, your loneliness. I shall not walk away, leaving you to suffer alone. You shall not be passed over or ignored. I see you, and I care enough to discipline you.’

I mean come onnnnnnnn! Does that not make you just feel whole inside? ok ok stopping now before I can't. Shoo! Shoo! Go read! Go love! Enjoy!


Princess Kelley

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    You still have the best "Bare Bottom" I've ever seen!

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