Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Day

I just finished taking my history midterm and am about to start my government one in 40 minutes. I'm woefully underprepared but have freaked out enough and just can't make any more happen than is going to. I'm kinda having a bit of an existential crisis today. I had to leave lunch right in the middle (on a day that I'm on clean up duty) and just went into the library and cried. I just feel off and I don't know why which just makes it so much worse. I think part of me is homesick. Part of me is stressed from midterms. Part of me is stressed from constantly having to speak in a foreign language and having little time, and commuting, and living with these goddamn people who every day you are forced to sit with and make idle conversation about the weather and weekend plans as though the other person actually cares. Part of me is stressed because it just hit me that I'm going to be in Belgium tomorrow and then France for a week and other than buying the tickets and knowing where I'm staying, I haven't done shit to prepare. Part of it is that I miss this world. I miss my ex so much lately, and that's just not good. I miss being spanked. I miss being in love. I miss sex. I miss that giddy feeling you get when you first fall for someone. I miss having time to think and contemplate my life. I miss chatting with ya'll. I miss my friends from school. I miss blogging! I miss so much of it and yet I'm so happy here. I love the family I'm with. I love this country and I love my life. Today is just a bad day.

I have 4 updates lined up- all of which I started last week. I apologize for my lameness this month. I hope to get some stuff done for ya'll in transit during spring break. I really do miss you guys and I am going to get back out into the dating/playing scene soon I think. I just can't take it any longer. At the very least I just need to freaking flirt with somebody!


Anywho, thanks for listening to me rant. Sorry for the angst and moodiness. I promise I'll be back to my normal self soon. I love ya'll


Princess Kelley


  1. Darling,

    Come kneel on the bed over here and let me set your bottom straight. Panties down just past your cheeks and stick that nice pale bottom out just so. Pull your top up and let those pert breasts dangle onto the prickly door mat I have placed under your chest. Like the way that rough mat scratches your nipples as they hang there.

    Now hold your bottom still and keep those hands streatched out in front of you. I have a little stack of toys over on the chair and we will get to all of them in our attempt to put a little joy back into your life and remove a little stress.

    You can glance over your shoulder and pick the first toy...... I know what the last one will be and it will leave your bottom feeling very, very full.

  2. The occasional rant is ok, Kelly. Keep hanging in there! I still love ya :)


  3. So much on your plate... we take it as a real positive that you have so few down days. Big hugs and looking forward to your next post.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  4. Embrace it all, as soon as you know it you will be back in America wishing you were back in Europe. Belgium is delightfull, France incredible. You owe it to your European readers to enjoy yourself. After all we can finally relate to where you are! XX

  5. Hang in there sweetie. You'll get spanked very soon and then all be right in the world again.


  6. Hey try to have a good time, ok? In five years (hell, in six months) you won't remember all this stress; you'll only remember all the incredible experiences. It's ok to feel homesick, stressed out, and spank-needy. Just try to enjoy yourself - you're in an amazing place and I, for one, am jealous :)


  7. Hi Kelley,

    Lev is right. Stressful as it may seem, you will remember these months as one highlight of your life. Please try to smile and drink it all in because soon enough, it will be over.

    Big hugs,

  8. Bad Day

    Love4her- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. omg. when I read this on the day, I swear to you it made it so much better. Immediately turned me on. hm, now what to pick? How about a soft leather paddle? And can I request to have my breasts on a pillow instead? when it comes to my chest I really like soft and fluffy things- no pain. Pretty please? Yes sir, I promise to hold still for you like a good girl. mmmmm I love the way that feels in my bottom sir- thank you :)- you should send me an email :)

    Richard- Thanks sweetie :) Hugs!

    Todd and Suzy-Big Hug!

    Oliver- OOOHHH I didn't even think about that! I sometimes forget that I have European readers! Well, I'll have to rememember that when I'm doing my British Isles tour- I think I might need to make it a spanking tour- what do you think? And yes, both Belgium and France were delightful!

    Tina- *crossing my fingers* yes that would make everything right with the world

    Lev- Thank you :) And you are completely right. I am so grateful to be here, and happy so often- some days everything just gets to you, and being far from home and the people that love you makes everythign just a little tougher. But I appreciate ya'lls support so much, and thankfully, that day was just that. A day. A day that is in the past, and is no longer today. :)

    Bonnie- ya'll are right- and I am having such a wonderful time- but everyone has some bad days- especially when its a girls time of the month lol

    Princess Kelley

  9. Hi, Kelly May, my Princess! :-)