Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Brugge

Hey Team, :)

Thank you so much for everyone's kind words after my melodramatic post the other day. All my tests went well and after a long day of traveling yesterday I have been enjoying my time in Brugge immensely! I have never been to Belgium before and it is so beautiful! :) And the food is wonderful! (though I'm already missing my house-mom's pasta!) I have just been having an amazing semester. Yes I miss spanking like crazy, but most of the introspective agnst isnt' exactly new, so I'm just trying to enjoy my time here with the wonderful family that is hosting me, and enjoy all the opportunities I am given. :)

So I leave for Paris tomorrow night (yaaaa!!!!) and get to spend a long time there with my former roommate (I talked about her last year- she was a french foreign exchange student) who I have missed so much and could not be happier about seeing!

Oh and to my "European readers" Hi!!! *big wave out there* I sometimes forget that people from all over the world can read this blog, and I'm very happy to say hi and I hope that you're enjoying reading about my exploits. Your continent is wonderful- as always- and I am happy to be here. Anddddd its looking like I might be here a little longer than expected as I am applying for internships for the summer, and might be getting one in England! Sooooo I might get to playyy!!!!!! SOOOOO excited! lol :) My papa is going to fight me tooth and nail- I promised him I wouldn't play with anyone over here, where he was too far away to protect me- but I just am spank needy like crazy!!! So hopefully i can find the right guy and persuade him that i'll be safe :)

Oh! Went to a sex boutique in Brugge today- absolutely gorgeous! I'll write more about it when I get my pictures online :)

Ohhh!!! Anddddd I love any and all travel reccomendaions that ya'll migh want to offer, so please, offer away!

Love ya'll!
Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    England? Do you suppose they have any spankos there? :)

    Anyhow, I'm glad to hear you're doing better.

    Have fun and record it all in your memory.


  2. Kelley hi enjoy your blog ,yes Bonnie there are plenty of spankos there im one ,love and spanks to you and Bonnie xx

  3. Bonnie- lol, hm, I'm not sure- I think I might need to send a letter requesting British spankers. :)

    Anonymous- Thanks for your comment, and I'm so happy you like the blog! :)

    Princess Kelley