Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams Part 1

SO I'm sure I've mentioned here before that I have very vivid dreams almost every night, many of which I remember in great detail the next day. Luckily for me sometimes these dreams take the form of a good spanking and I wake up feeling oh so yummy and just needing to be "taken care of" if you will. Well I've had two of these dreams- in very different forms in the last couple weeks and I thought you might like to hear about them.

So the more recent one first. Nice and steamy and naughty. Somehow I ended up on an island – like a haunted creepy island- and I think I got captured by some people. I was then taken to a room where I found my pants and panties being removed- though my top stayed on for the moment, in order to heighten my feeling of exposure. I was then taken to a spanking horse where I was strapped in. This was not a standard spanking horse though. (btw this is in general more s&m-y for me, though still in my style, and in real life, I'd love this though it'd have to be with someone I really trusted and loved.) This spanking horse was steeper and wider than a typical horse. The part that went under my hips was very narrow so it bent me as much as possible, and very high, stretching my legs to the max (my feet btw were off the ground in stirrup like things which made me feel more helpless). It was well padded though and not at all uncomfortable or painful. My legs were also spread very wide- like at least a yard apart. My torso was thankfully not made to fall to the floor- as this would have just resulted in my feeling dizzy the whole time. My torso was bent low but supported by a padded panel where my arms were also attached kinda like on a massage table. So pretty much my bottom was as high as it could possibly be and my kitty and bottom hole were completely exposed and I was at their mercy. (God are you turned on yet?! I'm soaked!)

I think it was one man and one woman, I'm not sure though. But they just went to town. First they gently warmed up my bottom with light peppering smacks to my upturned backside, causing my pussy to start getting wet and warm. They ran their hands all up and down the backs and insides of my legs and teased my exposed bottom and kitty. They then would spread my bottom, near the sit spots, even wider with their hands, opening my kitty and they would comment to each other, making me blush profusely, and of course, making me even wetter. They then opened and closed my soaking wet lips over and over, loving the smacking, wet noise it made.

Around that time I was divested of the rest of my clothing and my punishment began. My bottom, still presented so high and open was turned bright red by hands, and wonderful leather paddles. They then stopped again and spread my pussy wide, fucking me with a medium sized dildo, continuing to talk about me in childish terms, while never spanking to me directly. Right before I went over the edge a magic wand vibrator was thrust on my clit and I screamed over the edge, squirting everywhere and all over the floor. To my shame, they just tsked my mess and said again that I would have to be punished. One of them went to go get the next part of said punishment while the other started to lubricate my exposed bottom with my juices. The first returned w/ a long set of beads which the slowly and agonizingly entered into my cherry red bottom. I moaned and squealed. A riding crop was then brought out and my naughty pussy was punished with the flippy leather end, as was my bottom and the tops of my thighs (which again felt the yummy leather paddle). Every once in a while one of them would swat the end of the beads and chuckle happily when I would mew out. Hand spanks rained- I came screaming.

A vibrator was then inserted into my soaking wet kitty and affixed to the end of the beads, so both stayed put as they continued to spank. I came over and over as I was spanked, tickled, cropped, and fucked with various toys. My pussy was spanked (mmmmmmmm) w the dildo inside. I was thoroughly thoroughly "tortured" by my eager captors….


OMG. OMFG. I haven't been this turned on in a longgggg time. And I'm hiding from the rain in this great cafĂ© but I've checked out of my hotel and I don't know if I'm going to be alone again for like a week! God damnit, I'm soaked, breathing heavily, nad my nipples are so hard….moooaaaaannnnnnnn… There is that sex store but I don't think they like let you go in and masturbate- sigh, if there was ever a moment to be in Amsterdam… I think the second dream is going to have to wait….


Princess Kelley


  1. That's the classic amazing Kelley story I know and love. Mmmm so wonderful! I'm so happy you had a dream like that again and were able to let go a little during your travels. I'm sure you needed that...Email me soon.
    Jon :)

  2. Very hot dream, to say the least. The one change we'd make though is... make that island a really nice beach island in the sun, lol. Something like Maui. The idea of a punishment being made worse because of sexual excitement... or orgasm... is a popular theme in our play. Just ~saying~ something like... "you are going to get a spanking, and you are to focus on the reasons you've earned it. If I find that you are instead thinking of your own pleasure and getting wet, the spanking is going to be far worse"... is a ~guarantee~ that the spanking is going to be worse!

    Add things like so obviously being exposed... like in your dream/story... and the excitement is that much more.

    Never written a story along those lines though, at least not a longer one. Need to do that... and your dream has some really-really good ideas in it.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. Hahaha, sounds like someone's hankering for a spankering. Hang in there! Keep enjoying Europe (sounds like you're REALLY enjoying some aspects...)


  4. When you have this experience in real life can I be the guy? ;)

    I hope Europe is BETTER than you'd hoped it would be. Have fun! Be safe.


    Ohio Spanko

  5. wow naughty girl lol xx

  6. Jon- DADDYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :D I've missed you!!!!!! I'm sorry I've been naughty about emailing, and I'm sooo glad you liked my story. And yes, I did need that. I need more though :(. I'll email you, but you can always email me you know *pout* How was your trip?

    Todd and Suzy- Hiiii! Thank you for your feedback- and oh yes, a nice pretty beach to relax and have fun on would be wonderful! But no playing on the beach itself- I don't like how sand gets in places its not supposed to! So maybe a bungalo on the beach...ah yes that would be nice! And, lol, exactly! Being forced to orgasm or not allowed to orgasm- either one makes everything so much more exciting! Hugs! Hope everything is going well- miss ya'll!

    Lev- lol, yes I think that sums it up pretty well!

    Ohio- lol, hm, well you might have to fill out an application, but I would most definitely consider it! And Europe is wonderful, and I am having a great time. Just wish I could fulfil the "be safe" part and still play here :( Hugs!

    Anonymous- *blush* I've been very naughty. I think I might need a spanking. *wink*

    Princess Kelley