Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Thoughts and Naughtiness

So I'm supposed to be writing an Italian composition on the movie Una Giornata Particolare (great film, btw) right now, and I told Papa that I was, but I'm not. I just can't get it started! I don't know what it is.... and I got spanked today too! Well as close to a real spanking as I get these days, but even self spankings are hard to come by! They require me to be alone. But Papa was wonderful and he spanked and spanked, but broke it up a lot, (I asked him to continue saying I needed a really long one) and was able to get close to subspace for the first time in MONTHS. The spanking was for skipping class- I kinda forgot that I would have to tell momma and papa about it when I was doing it. Not the brightest move. What do ya'll think I should have gotten?

So in other news, in my goofing off right now I just went over to Amber Dawn's site b/c, as you all know, I'm kinda obsessed with her. And OMG! So I was emailing briefly with her the other day and she saw my blog and said she wanted to spank me and do a shoot and now I'm on her blog as the "girl she wants to spank." I almost died of joy. Like total happy dance! Squee!!! And in other spank model news, I also just went to PunishedBrats for the first time in a long time- I haven't spent much time on any spanking sites lately- and I love some of their new models! They have this girl named Lorraine who is beyond stunning! Looks exactly like Alexis Bledel. OMG. Can't even stand it. And that pout! My word! And this other new girl that goes by Ten- I'm loving her bottom and just her whole look. She kinda reminds me of the girl that plays Rachel on Glee (favorite. show. ever.) Anywho, loving it all. Ok, now I need to get to work. Sigh I really need a spanking.

Princess Kelley

PS. Oh! Btw, the latest episode of Castle (another great show) was about Mistresses- very spanky. Interesting too. I actually googled mistresses in my area back in the states after thinking maybe one could be un-s&m-y for me and just spank in a domestic way. What was I thinking? lol. anywho, paper. paper. gr. spanking. paper. spanking. NO! Paper! arrrggggg


  1. Why do you do these naughty things!? You never know what gems of information you may miss ,which could make a differeance to your next test! But I think you do it deliberately , knowing you will 'caught', to satify your craving for a spanking! I think a boring half an hour in the corner waiting, then across the knee for a good spanking by hand on your bare bottom before kneeling up on a chair (lovely photo !) for a paddling ,or the hair brush!
    Later you would be able to seek consolation in his arms. JG

  2. Wow that's that's quite impressive Kelley!! I emailed you on St. Paddy's day, hope you're doing well!

  3. I'm also a fan of Amber Dawn. Are you going to take her up on the offer?

  4. Hi, there

    i like this blog, you're a very pretty, smart and interesting girl and you got me interested in spanking :) it would be great to see you on Amber's site !