Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures :)

So since I don't have time to write an actual post write now, I hope to tide ya'll over with some pictures (which, I mean if we're all honest is what many of you prefer anyway *wink*). Sooo lets start with a vanilla-ish picture of me with my "babies" in my "cloud." Well that's what momma and daddy call it. My house-mom just changed the duvett cover and my pillow case so that everythign was fluffy white and with the white walls and all of my for some reason white fluffy stuffed animals, I looked like I was floating in a cloud! So Papa took this picture on skype. I'm holding my newest baby- Miss Kitty Fantastico- she was a gift from momma and papa. Then you can see Gabriel- like the angel not the housewife- (aka Gabby) whom you might have seen before. He was a Valentine's gift from Edward last year and I sleep with him most nights. Then you can see just a bit of my MaryEllen. Named after my late Mommy, she arrived to me on the day that Mommy passed away. She is a beautiful little unicorn :)>
Next, we have a post-self spanking shot that I forgot that I had taken. I dont' look very good in it, but they are the most recent semi-spanking shots I've got at the moment, so I guess they'll have to do. I thought I looked very collegiate in my sweater :) Hope you enjoy.
Princess Kelley


  1. wow Kelley you are a little cutie would love to see you spanked on punished brats and at Ambers lovely pic of a lovely young girl spanko ,love and spanks from tim please call me tim xxx

  2. That first picture makes me want to give you a polite peck on the cheek and tuck you in for the night :)

  3. SOOO cute, and what an adorable bum.