Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 1 Part 2 of Sex, Drugs, and Bicycling

So I'm on the train for the third time today (not incluing the metro) and having a dorky cathedral-junkie amazing day, but I need to finish my story, which has become rather epic in lenght. I'm writing this in my journal and will type it later. (written 2 days ago)
So after a brief bit of reading, I selected the spot- "The Grey Area." The aptly named spot is frequently a winner of the Cannibus Cup (yes, that actually exists!) and a hole in the wall frequented by Willie Nelson, Woody Harrilson (fantastic pictures grace the stained and collaged walls) and locals alike. By hole in teh wall, they really mean it by the way. It's like a 10 ft by 10 ft room with a counter and two tiny tables.
I was under this apparently incredibly naive impression that pot was pot, like basil is basil. It's a plant! How many options can you have??? Imagine my surprise then when they handed me a menu with various names and descriptions, none of which said "one basic joint."

My brother told me to pick the one that sounded best for us (we were just getting one to split), and I chose a cannibus cup winner that apparently was supposed to taste good and be a happy, giggly high (I can't remember the name). I then proceeded to panic a bit that we didn't need 1, 2, 3, or 4 grams (our only listed purchasing options) and that maybe could we just tell them I've never done this before and could they pick? Or maybe explain? Do you know how to roll? Can they do it?? And what is a bong anyway????

"Just let me do the talking. Don't say anything. Actually, why don't you just go guard the bikes outside?"
I happily obliged (and then got distracted by a chocolate shop across the street where I indulged in my more typical vice. :)

We finally made it to Vondelpark - a beautiful place that feels similar to Central park but more European, and with fewer homeless people, more young people, more soccer, and a bit more hedonism. I located a nice spot under a tree, and after discussing what to expect, and how exactly one is supposed to smoke, he lit us up. High Kelley is apparently every high stereotype. Giggly, happy, difficult to understand, and someone who has the munchies and believes that EVERYTHING they say is super profound. It took longer to take effect tahn I anticipated, and I was kinda unimpressed at first. But then it hit, and it was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. It was like being that level of drunk right before you get sick but then you do more and you never tip over. Never get dizzy or sick, plus there is a bit of a difference that makes it really interesting and enjoyable. (My brother said this was the best he had ever done- not a total expert, but I'm not surprised either).
When everything got so bright... I felt I MUST capture!

My favorite part was that apparently the sun came out just a bit while I was at the peak (still not 100% sure that happened or whether it really was the pot or the jetlag, or a combo of all 3) and it freaked me out! I thought that everything just became brighter instantaneously for no reason!! The line between the sky and the trees felt so epic. I then opened my eyes as wide as I could and marvelled excitedly, exclaiming that it could get even bigger and even brighter lol! These sentences did not come out very well though, as I would be talking and then just stop and completely forget the topic. Or sentences would "get away from me," as I would say.

Grass felt so profound
Ex: "Everything is so bright! I can open them bigger and it becomes clearer and the colors! Oh the colors! Why can't I get a screen grab! And" *sees bird or blade of grass* "and and and.... the grass.... and" *my brother laughing hysterically* "that sentence got away from me."

As seen above in that sentence, I got very upset that I could't "screen grab" my eyes (meaning take an exact copy of my field of vision) and then thought it was extremely epic that actually you would need to "screen grab" your brain, and then upset again that that would look like my brain and not the trees (logic is hard when high). :) (This entire logic problem has made me come to a better understanding of my old "Hallucinating" professor that I hated so much last year. The whole "brains in vats" thing didn't make sense to me because I wasn't high, and clearly my professor was.

In terms of actually smoking I did pretty well, except I kept forgetting to exhale, lol. He said to take it then, then inhale and hold for a second to let the smoke permeate, then exhale. I used to be a synchrronized swimmer (a former teammate is currently in the Olympics) and a singer- I can hold my breath a long time. The first time was quite good. Some coughing after but apparently that is normal (the coughing is definitely the worst part). Then like the third time I really forgot until he snapped "breathe out!" Unfortunately, when i did I kinda choked on it, lol, and had a very scary coughing fit that lasted a good 5-10 minutes. Thought I might die, lol. And that everyone in the park thought, "oh the stupid American newbies!" My big bro was very impressed when I didn't let it stop my fun and still wanted more (I even lit it myself one time!)

After a couple hours he convinced me to give into the munchies that had overtaken and to venture out to try to find pizza by the slice or a donut (I was later proved wrong in my assertion that those don't exist in Europe. The city is filled with munchie friendly stands, lol.) Note to self: if you drink wine at dinner, the "it won't make you dizzy" clause is null and void. So after some of the worst and yet more perfect pizza and fettucini alfredo ever , we passed out in the hostel at 9, while it was still light out.

While I really loved my experience, the next day I was so hapy to be sober, and barely even wanted great wine with dinner. I am glad I did it, and I can say I did, and I now know what it's like. It was WAY more fun than I thought it would be. Can see how it would be easy to do all the time. But it's like my first glass of wine was a Mercault and this was my first joint- there is no where to go but down, lol. And I did it once- I never need to do it again. And I don't think I ever will.

Princess Kelley

Coming Next: sex museum, live sex show, peep show, red light district- the stuff y'all actually want to read about. *wink*

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