Friday, July 20, 2012

A Man Like Thor

Now can I please just have a man like that? Doesn't even need to be that perfect or...uhmm... sculpted....or a demi God!

Just someone who could make me feel as small by comparison as Natalie Portman looks in this shot.
And a man who would look at me with that exact expression of, um, "appreciation.". :) Who would just take me and do to me exactly what he is thinking of doing right there.

*licks lips*

Yes please!

God, those arms.... and shoulders... and chest.... and hands....and voice (you can't hear it from the picture obviously... but I can.... I hear it in my dreams)

*drooling and dripping*

Ok team, need a cold shower after that one!

Princess Kelley

Update: Lol, so wrote this on the train yesterday, then went to Neuschwanstein Castle this morning and was in the throne room, and I just could envision Thor standing there... all dominant and strong.... imposing and firm.... mmmmmmmmm
... I have never been turned on by architecture before! I mean, I'm an uber nerd who dies for a good Cathedral, goes to cities for one painting, and castles rock my socks off.... but still... this place was so epic!!!
Best day of the trip so far.
(Pictures don't do the inside of this place justice btw, and the outside really is that epic and amazing)

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