Saturday, August 18, 2012

Singing Videos from TASSP

Hey Team,

So, by popular demand, here are the videos of me singing at this year's TASSP. I lost my voice during the party, so I had to change a couple notes, but I'm not sure anyone but me noticed. Stressed me the fuck out though, lol. I'm actually still pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Let Me Be Your Star- Smash

The backing track for this song did not yet exist at the time of the performance, so I chose to sing it acapella. I'm quite proud of how it turned out. The song is about Marilyn Monroe, and is a Broadway number. Sung from her point of view, it's quite the painful ballad. I chose this song because it felt really personal for me, and I love singing it. It's challenging but doable, and the message is right on. I am begging for people to just love me, and let me be the star for that moment. I will deal with the consequences of my decisions later, but I can forget the past in those minutes I'm performing, and everyone will know my name.
This one was definitely my favorite.

Redneck Woman- original by Gretchen Wilson

So I never sing country. I am from Texas, but I am not a country girl, lol. I chose to do this song primarily because it is Texas All State after all, and I thought that the British Amelia and Pandora would get a kick out of it (which they definitely did). And anyone who knows me thinks it's hysterical given just how un-me it really is. :) This was my first time performing this and I had a great time with it. Really wish my voice had been at full capacity, but still pretty strong in my opinion.

Born this Way- original by Lady Gaga

(so for some reason in the recording the first two lines of the song got cut off)
The last song I performed was an acapella version of Lady Gaga's born this way. I was supposed to be singing an acoustic version with a guitarist, but we just couldn't get it together in time and I ended up just doing it acapella, which is really not the sound I was going for. The acoustic version feels really real and honest, and it makes you listen to the words. So anywho, the ending when I performed kinda sucked, and I wasn't sure where I was going to end it (with my voice gone and suddenly no accompaniment I hadn't had a chance to practice it), so I am just cutting it where I should have stopped singing, lol. 

I think why I chose this song it obvious. I believe strongly that we, as spankos, are born this way, and I think we should be proud of who we are. I wanted to celebrate that, and this was actually the first song that I picked when I came up with my set list. :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Well done Princess. :-) Great job on all three.

  2. I loved all your singing. You would have looked cute in a cowgirl hat for the country one. I had my guitar for you for that night. Good job on all!

  3. You have a lovely voice. You have a lovely face. You have a lovely backside. I ALMOST made it to this party. Count me in for the next one. I will use some of my much accumulated vacation time; I promise.