Friday, August 24, 2012

Cowgirl Photo Shoot

Hey Team,
Life is crazy, and I'm frantically trying to get my DVD site up and running before Shadow Lane. I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately, and I have some announcements to make I think pretty soon. But for now, I was going through photos trying to get things for the site, and I stumbled upon these gems.

They are over a year old at least (as noticed by the lack of bangs)- from around my last birthday I believe. And I hated all of them at the time they were taken. With a bit of good cropping and a better acceptance of my body (and not even looking at the majority of the 200 photos from this day) I have come to like these enough to want to share them.

I had this concept I wanted to shoot, that was based on this jean jacket I have had since I was 10 years old. I've grown into it :). When I was in middle school and high school, and I wanted to feel sexy, I would pretend to do a photo shoot in my bathroom, and I would often wear nothing but my panties (I only had white cotton back then) and this jean jacket. My boobs were all anyone (including me) ever noticed about me at that point in time, and this emphasized them, and made me feel like the models in the magazines.

Well my body has changed (no longer a size 6) and my boobs have grown even more, but I still love that jacket, and our friends have a house out in the country that we film at sometimes, and I knew they had a wagon. And Johnny Ravage had just gotten a new camera. Thus, this shoot.

The light was perfect, and it was one of the last bearable days in Texas (late May around sunset). Should have done my hair, should have put on make-up, but whatever, we just went with it.

So yeah, no reason to post these, except that I don't feel like putting them on fetlife, but I want to share :)

Princess Kelley

This is the closest to the shot I really wanted, but my face is blurry and contorted so I cropped it. But great shot of the girls! :)
The artist in me dies for the light in this shot! Again, credits to Johnny Ravage for the great photography 


  1. Wonderful.
    Wish I were your neighbor. hehe.

  2. Princess Kelley, you are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thank you for the credit, I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot with you.

    Johnny Ravage

  4. Your boobs are beautiful!!!

  5. 200 with a wooden spoon and no marks?

  6. I am just wondering.....did anyone see you and complain; like mothers trying to protect their children from seeing your beautiful body? Or did nobody mind at or? Or was no one around?

  7. You are da bomb girl...hottest on the planet