Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shadow Lane Part 2.2: Friday Night

Hey Team,
continuation of Part 2.1...

So I would say that the turning point for the weekend was after the vendor fair on Friday night. Sarah and I made it back to the room and were both pretty spent. I'd been up 17 hours at that point and really just wanted to crash. I didn't want to have to go party. But I made the decision that I would not out of obligation as I might have in the past, but rather out of genuine desire. I knew the party was only that weekend and I didn't want to miss out on my opportunity to get to have fun.

Mila came back in the room and we were all just exhausted and Sarah broke down. And to be honest, were it not for being able to focus on her, I would have been a mess- it would just hit you in waves. And Mila, being the sweetest person in the world that she is, took it upon herself to comfort us. I wish I could remember what she said, but it felt so honest and profound and true that my soul felt soothed. And then she busted out the ukulele and we were lost, lol. She sang to us and played her ukulele to cheer us up. :) And this is why I love my sisters. :) I then decided that fuck it, I was opening the bottle of wine I had purchased with Paul to celebrate that morning, and god damn it, I was getting wine glasses from that hotel no matter what it took! lol.
My Friday night outfit, as seen in a video with Pandora Blake

Sarah's Friday night outfit as seen in a Clicko photo shoot
Sarah got back into herself, and we all spent over an hour debating what to wear. I really would have rather just gone naked, but that's generally frowned upon in public places like hotels (even in Vegas) :). I ended up in my red satin and black lace teddy (there are no photos from this night for which I apologize dearly! But here is me in the same outfit in a sensual video I did with Pandora back at Texas) because it didn't require any thought, lol. Sarah's outfit was epically amazing, and I hope a photo exists somewhere (just called her- she is emailing one asap: UPDATE: how hot does she look in that?!?!? Want that outfit now!!! lol)! It was a green girdle and fucking smoking hot. :) All of our outfits were actually based on hers- we decided to just go in lingerie. :) Mila looked like a barbie in this white ensemble and her blonde hair and tan skin- we got some photos out our window the next morning :). Poor girl with all her crazy bruises. :(

Mila's Friday outfit and the view out our Vegas window
Anywho, so I started downing wine like it was vodka (yes you can pound wine as long as it's good wine- it makes me really sad to do, but occasionally other things are more pressing) once the wine glasses and Mila's friend Carter Cane finally arrived. We had taken so long and had been having so much fun getting ready and getting buzzed that we almost missed the naked flogging- and I swear Sarah was going to kill me if we missed it! lol. But I haven't had real girl time since like freshman and sophomore years of college, and this felt good and it felt right.

So we went upstairs to Joe (Dr. Lecter) and Ten's suite (they had some amazing parties and I really got to bond with them this party in a way I didn't get to at Texas- they are wonderful and I am so happy to be friends with them.) because they were having a gigantic group flogging at midnight, and Sarah and I could definitely use one. But of course by the time we got up there they had already started and there were 5 girls laying naked on the bed including Ten, and we were like, "Noooo we want in!"

Everyone laughed but a couple of the girls were ready to get up so we just decided to tag in. Sarah jumped in first followed by Mila. I was socializing a bit but then yelled at quickly and ordered to "strip and get on the damn bed Kelley!" lol. "Ok, ok, hold your horses! I need to get naked." So I excused myself from my conversation with Ralph and I think JP or John and put down my toy bag and thankful for my easy off outfit got naked in less than 5 seconds. Anyone who didn't know me well (which would be the majority of the room) was suddenly aware I'm not modest. lol.

So it's just the three of us on the bed and Erica walks in and sees that Finneous is flogging along with Joe and immediately wants in. I internally fan girl and self deprecatingly squeal at her to come get in next to me, and she smiled and laughed and obliged. So Erica is on one side of me, Mila on the other and Sarah on the other side of her. It was a really fun experience, and none of us cared enough about the photographer to pay attention to posing, so we all look kinda blah in the pic, but whatever. :) It was a fun experience. I yelled at someone to switch floggers at one point bc their fancy ones hurt too much and offered my bag of toys to aid. After about 20 minutes my fibro myalgia was screaming so I had to get up, but overall, it was a really fun experience and a great bonding moment with the girls. :)

After righting my clothing I went back to socializing and had a good time just getting to talk to people. I was buzzed enough to loosen up but sober enough to make smart choices. I normally am anti drinking at ALL at parties, but I love wine, I know my limits and it was that or xanax, and I was low on xanax, lol. ;) At this moment I also had the most amazing mini conversation with Gino Coletti of Shadow Lane fame. So Gino is a very handsome man who has been in some pretty famous videos, most likely best known for being in Samantha Woodley's debut, I Married a Brat. He is also pretty well known at parties for actually being a switch and often preferring to bottom. Now, some might say that I shouldn't share this story, but I think it's all in good fun, and we were both tipsy and having a great time. I think he is a sweet guy, and I loved getting to meet him.

But let's talk about first impressions! lol. So he and I started talking- I don't know how that happened- and I mentioned that he was actually in the very first spanking video I ever purchased (which is true). He asked which one ("I've been in like 14") and I replied The Spanking Bodyguard. He seemed rather shocked, which doesn't surprise me. It's one of the older ones of his and probably not the most popular- I haven't ever seen that girl in a different video (it was kinda all about him)- but it just struck a crazy chord with me. He laughed and smiled and called a few people over to hear me tell this again. :) And then said with all the ooze in the world, "Soo, how would you feel about spanking Gino Coletti?"

Now, I'm listed as a switch, and I don't mind topping guys by any means. It used to be a hard no, but I've gotten into it this past year. But I'm pretty certain my response was shocked laughter and then saying that, "I'm not sure. I think that might cause my understanding of spanking to implode." I mean, I can know that he's a switch in my brain, but like... no! He's a top! He's... he's... no! lol. :) Masculine, dominant, and... my childhood!... nope. I do not accept this reality.

We laughed and said we might have a switch session the next day. It was yet another play date that never did happen, but he was a nice guy, and another person to put on the "oh my god you won't believe who I met" list.

Too be fair, I don't actually remember how I ended up over Ralph Marvel's knee other than that I know John orchestrated it somehow. I must have been bratting someone... that's how it always starts! God... I wish I remembered this scene better, but I was so tired and so much happened, and he and I played a LOT that weekend. The first is memorable of course because it's the first. But our best sessions were definitely on Saturday and Monday (which I will of course tell you about later!).

I remember he stood me in front of him before he started and looked oh so deliciously stern. I remember  feeling so small and safe over his lap. He is 6ft4, and you can feel it when you're with him. It was like I fit there. And his hands- I had heard about these famous hands, but they have to be experienced! His hand covers my entire bottom cheek in one swat. "Little" me just went crazy for it. And everyone knows how much I love a good hand spanking- he delivers! They are like a paddle with intensity but with that glorious feeling of flesh on flesh that can't be replaced by anything. I think he is one of those few people who could deliver a real punishment just with his hand.

And then when he scooped me up after and let me sit on his lap...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :) lol. I just burrowed into his neck and felt so safe and calm. Other people came in and we actually had like a half hour conversation with me just sitting there on his knee with my panties still down. It just felt comfortable and easy. :) 

So it was getting late at that point (around 1 or 1:30), and I had lost Mila (who I was worried about) and Sarah, and I wanted to go downstairs and check out the other parties. Plus the-man-who-must-not-be-named had promised to play with me if we found each other that night, and I was not about to let that slip by! So I convinced Ralph and John to escort me down to the other party- they were such gentlemen, actually the insisted on it despite my protests that I was fine by myself. And we were talking and John was teasing me like crazyyyy and we were actually talking about the the-man-who-must-not-be-named when we spotted him coming down the hall towards us out of the party room.

What transpired next was my favorite moment of the entire party.

So John chuckles and Ralph smirks and KJ smiles as he walks up and we meet him like half way. I am blushing so red I must have been the shade of my dress and trying to remember how to breath. I have just been spanked by Ralph Marvel who is towering over me to my left (I'm bare foot at this point so he's got about a foot on me). John is in front of me and he isn't no slouch either- a well built handsome man that is definitely the dominant type, and definitely in control of this situation. And up walks the-man-who-must-not-be-named to my right, and as always my ability to perform even the most basic of functions when near him stops. The hallway wall is behind me and these three dominant men are towering over me, all smiling like cats with the cream... (insert your own cream joke if you must!)

I will try to recreate this for you, but so much of it was all about eye contact that I won't be able to, but it went about like this.
KJ: "Hey guys"
John: "Hey there, we were just talking about you." Ralph is chuckling knowingly.
KJ: "Oh really?"
John: "Well we were just walking this one here [looking at me, causing the two others to turn and look at me as well] down to the other party. But you know she has kind of a crush on the two of you. [their smiles get bigger, my blush gets redder, and I think I squeaked in protest] and she just got through getting spanked by this one [gesturing to Ralph] and I think it's your turn."
Ralph and KJ chuckle and John smiled so big you think his face would split in two. He was enjoying me squirm wayyyyy too much! And they will look at me, but they address each other when they talk- like I'm not even there!
KJ: "Oh Reallyyyyy?"

Now they are all looking at me smiling with these grins just loving watching me squirm. And I (who love being embarrassed like this but almost never am) am just waiting for the world to open up and swallow me whole or for me to wake up in bed realizing it was all a dream. It was like a cartoon- their three sets of eyes with Ralph and KJ on my sides all making me feel just about 6 inches tall in the best way possible. Then KJ and John look back at each other as they continue to discuss me.

John: "Yep. I think you should take her with you maybe." Ralph laughs. You might have noticed, I still haven't spoken. I have gotten out a few mews and squeaks but that's about it.
KJ: "Well then. Young lady [finally actually addressing me even though they've been talking about me the whole time!], I think you should come with me." He grabs my upper arm firmly but not hard and starts walking me towards the elevator. My mouth opens and closes to speak but no words ever actually come out as I look at Ralph and John who are just laughing while I'm being carted off to my "doom." KJ started scolding me for being so naughty as we walked to the elevator and that damn voice.... god that voice.

So given that I am referring to him as the-man-who-must-not-be-named, you can probably guess that I can't tell you much about what happened. He asked for me not to, and I will respect his wishes, even though my desire is to shout from the rooftop every detail! He and Ralph were pretty much the focus of my weekend though along with Mila and Sarah so he will be mentioned more, and our sessions will be referred to (we played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night), but I can't give you details. :(

I will just tell you what I told him. "You could have sucked you know? I mean you're you! You could have been painfully average or even not very good and this still would have been one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life. I mean I've had a crush on you since I was 13! You could have sucked! But you didn't! You don't! That was amazing! Like top 5 ever!"

In truth, I was understating. It was the best spanking I have ever received. Certainly the best "session" type I had ever done. And those three all make top 5. :)

Mila had texted me right when I went into his room asking where I was- I had been searching everywhere for her. I texted my reply and she told me later, "I knew I wouldn't be seeing you for a while, and that you were fine." I got back to the room about 3:30 or 4, and Sarah and Mila had waited up for me, in the bed eager for details. I was in the craziest subspace ever, and just couldn't stop smiling. I might have squealed a little. They laughed and smiled. I don't know who teased me more about it over the weekend- John or Mila. But I see Mila all the time still and she still teases me! Lol. Just says his name to watch me blush. :)

So yeah, we curled in bed together- supporting each other. Longest day ever. Worst and best. And I went to bed thinking, I can do this. :)

Princess Kelley

tbc in part 3 asap!


  1. I am smiling and giggling over your stories about Mr. No-Name. Yup, been there, many years ago. My first crush when I entered the scene, way back in 1996. (You were... what? Seven? Oh, Christ) And yes, he really does deliver the spanking goods, doesn't he? (Jersey John and Ralph are a pair of devils!) :-)

    Oooh! I don't have that particular flogging picture; wouldya email it to me, please? Was so glad I got to jump into the Naked Flogging scene this time -- I'd missed out on it last year!

  2. Aww wow.. glad all went fairly well. Am looking forward to reading more!

  3. "We had taken so long and had been having so much fun getting ready and getting buzzed that we almost missed the naked flogging- and I swear Sarah was going to kill me if we missed it! lol" - You know I would have sis....hehe. Well you woulda gotten a hard spanking from me if we missed it. love you.