Thursday, January 17, 2013

Question... Friday?

Hey Team,
So I could have just waited until tomorrow to upload this and it would have looked like I didn't totally mess it up, but that would not be honest, lol. I actually started recording this and answering the questions last Thursday, but so much happened unexpectedly over the weekend, that I wasn't able to finish editing it until now! It's been like 70% done since Saturday... oh well! It's here now. Suitable punishment ideas can be left in comments. (Only those left in comments will be considered, muahahaha, lol). ;)

So I hopefully answered everyone's questions! I didn't get through all of Bonnie's- not anywhere close even- and one of them in particular is going to be the subject of it's own blog post when I fashion the thoughts about the matter into coherent phrases ("Has BDSM changed your perspective on spanking?").

I hope everyone enjoys this, and feel encouraged to answer the challenge questions presented within, and also to send more questions! :) Next answer video will come on 2/25. :)

Princess Kelley

OH! And addendum to one of my answers! I really want to work with Dana Kane. She is actually at the tip top of the list.


  1. You names your turtle after Shel Silverstien.

  2. Great post, Kelley. I love your answers.

    Here's some more grist for the mill...

    1. In terms of spanking, do you consider yourself to be a hard player?

    2. Have you considered creating a Tumblr to host your amazing photographs? The one advantage I see is that if people re-posted them, they would point back to your site as the origin.

    3. Is your ideal man necessarily a top?

    This was fun. Thanks.


  3. Tell your feelings about topping men, like what goes through your head, are you getting aroused, and do you get a power trip. What toys do you like to use and how often do you top a guy? How far are you willing to explore into your dominant side? Also what is your theory about why some guys like to be topped. Or why are some guys submissive to the feminine rather than the cultural norm of the gal being submissive to the masculine. And finally would you let a guy suck you toes?

    1. Would you ever use a strap-on on a guy?

  4. Hello, Princess:

    Another great post!

    Actually, all of your recent posts are great. I'm just too lazy to comment on each one.

    Jerry Bear

  5. Another enjoyable vlog, I must work on some questions for you !!

  6. Why is it that you 'Drive' on a 'Parkway', but you 'Park' on a 'Driveway'?

    How is your mom doing?

    Most groups and events I've seen are geared to the participants(of course), but I am mostly a voyeur. What is the best way to get (un)involved with groups in the kink community?

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  7. damn ur absolutely adorable.

  8. Kelley,

    We'll just have to find a way to make that happen then, won't we? I'd be tickled to work with you, too.


  9. Yay!! Mine got answered.. hehe. and yes I wanted to comment. giggles.
    I was curious. Have you ever thought about having a human pet? If so, do you have a preference of a kitten, pup, or other? *smiles*

    ps.. I love you, Kelley!