Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ridiculously Belated Birthday Spanking

Hey Team,
So thanks everyone for the support lately. :) I'm trying to get this place up and going like it was in the glory days. I feel I'm doing a pretty good job- now I just need to get everyone else to realize it, lol.

Anywho, so this was actually filmed on my 23rd birthday- aka the end of May last year! lol. Things got hectic and life got away from me, and this file got lost somewhere. But I found it recently, and thought it would be fun to share. :)
As y'all might have noticed, I had taken a break from filming recently, but will be back up and in business in the next month or so full force. I finally convinced (the new) Daddy to film, and it looks like we might be shooting our first scene this weekend. I am BEYOND excited. I haven't filmed since June of last year! Plus, my site is being built as we speak, and it will be up and going hopefully around the beginning of March....

So in honor of all of that, I am sharing this video. Plus another SUPER old one that I found that has never been seen before- that's coming next week I believe.
But I have decided for now to not publicize this on my own at all- as least for a few days. I want to see how many people are still here, and see how quickly this goes around. Of course, with it being on the Tube, that will generate quite a bit, but I'm just curious. So y'all feel free and encouraged to share. But I will not be tweeting about it or posting it on FetLife at least for a couple days. :)

Thank you to all who have stuck around, and especially to those who comment. :)
(Gr, just realized I uploaded the one with the kinda messed up sound! Really bugs me, but it's way too late to change it now. Oh well.)
Hope you all enjoy!

Princess Kelley


  1. Awesome! Been a while since we've seen any spanking videos from you....

  2. Enjoyed seeing you bright red bottom, and your beautiful smile. You were extremely happy that day. Glad to see it.


  3. Loved to see you getting your birthday spanking ! All the best going forward & looking for many more of your red bottom videos !

  4. Very nice B-Day spanking. I'll have to use his methods :)


  5. Hi Kelley,

    There's just nothing better than a birthday spanking, and this was a fine one. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. This is about the best thing you have done.

    And you've been hiding it from us all this time?????????

    That is a very naughty thing to do.

    You should be spanked for that.(weg)

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  7. A beautiful girl and a lovely spanking, but whom ever came up with the idea of only one smack per year clearly wasn't a spanko. I think Kelly will agree. She wanted/needed more after the 24th. I think a better formula is 5 smacks for every year. What do you think?


  8. Aww I loved this.. only wished I could have had a birthday spanking from my Mommie one last time. Thanks for sharing your vid. Hehe made me laugh you were being ornery!

    hugs as always

  9. Rambler123:

    If I'm not mistaken, it was determined on Kelley's 22nd birthday that she had never received a birthday spanking before. So she received 23 spanks, then 22 spanks for the year before, then 21 spanks for the year before that, and so on.

    If I'm mistaken, it's still a good story, and a good precedent to remember if one encounters a birthday spanking virgin.

    Jerry Bear