Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Post Party Redux

Hey Team!

So I really thought I could do this in maybe two videos... SO WRONG. :) Just too much to say and not enough time! Apologies in advanced that these get a lot ramble-y. It was really late, and I was just going with it.

First two videos are thought videos about post party drop and about the idea/problem of "friend-zoning" in the scene. The remaining videos are the "blow-by-blow" of the party itself in chronological order. Feel free to skip around.

I realized that in all of this I never said a proper thank you to Joe and Ten for hosting this/putting it together. Y'all know I know how hard it is, and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this party. 50 Freaks last year was where I met the majority of my friends in the scene out of Dallas, and I feel blessed to be included. I love y'all, and I'm so happy to have you as my kinky family.

Party Thoughts/Feels

This first bit is all of the post-party feels, my thoughts on parties in general and how people become your family, about how I was feeling when I left, and the realizations about myself and my life/future that it has helped me have.

This bit is about the idea of "friend-zoning" in the kink community as it relates to parties. 

Party Redux

Thursday (all of) and Friday morning/afternoon.  Includes discussion of my brief trip to LA, and my first couple of scenes at the party.

Friday night. This contains the rather lengthy discussion of the biggest play scene I had as a bottom at the party- my first scene ever with Michael.

Saturday Day. My interview with Spanking Resource, a couple more scenes, discussion of the epic presentation Miss Chris gave and the unforgettable scene between James, Joey, and Korey there, and finally a doubles scene I did with Michael, David, and Korey.

Saturday Night- Dinner, the biggest, hottest, and best topping scene I've ever done (a spanking/humiliation scene with new model Adriana), a mini scene I did with Miss Chris, and a couple more scenes as a bottom.

[Not discussed because I forgot to put it on my outline, but one of my favorite things that happened at the party was a surprise birthday party thrown for Zoey (lostkitten) to make up for her vanilla friends abandoning her on her actual birthday a few months back. The story had been heartbreaking, but watching her realize that the "Surprise!" we all yelled was for her was the most life affirming thing I think I might have ever seen]

Sunday- Court, the day, and 3 more wonderful scenes (plus a bit of goodbyes)

After having to watch through some of those as they uploaded, I'm feeling a wee bit insecure about posting them, but... fuck it. Self-censoring has never really been my strong suit.

I hope you all enjoyed. For all that were at this party, I miss you, and thank you for being a part of not only my wonderful experience, but also of my kinky family.

Princess Kelley


  1. No need to be insecure, Kelley. I liked your videos. I believe that I liked your descriptions of the events better than I would have liked video of the events themselves. I can get videos of spanking, but where else can I get the Kelley view of things?

  2. I also am a huge fan of these run downs! Thanks so much for posting!
    - Annie :)

  3. I heard from Erica Scott that you had video blogs about the party, and I just had to come over and watch them! I watched the Friend Zone and Michael spanking videos so far. I'm so going to read your blog more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being so real about them. Looking forward to seeing you soon, hopefully! =]

  4. Kelley we enjoy the vlogs to give us ,we are all friends ,I follow you on twitter and tweet you now and then ,love and spanks ,Tim in U.K.xxyou give us .

  5. we have a domestic discipline website

  6. You'll escape some day. In the meantime, walk up to those walls and step through. People seldom regret what they did as much as what they didn't do.


  7. Hello Princess Kelly. I have not been here for a long time. It was good to see you again. I hope things are well with you.
    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch