Friday, February 14, 2014

LA 2014 Part 3

Hey Team!

Sorry for the short delay. Right now it's Valentine's Day, and after he was supposed to take the whole day off, Daddy has gotten stuck at work, and I'm pouty and trying to fill time. So blog update! :)

I left off right as we left Venice for Santa Monica. The sun was completely done at this point, I'm starting to get a bit tired, we're both getting hungry, and I am freezing cold! And I was about ready to chop off my feet from walking in not walking appropriate shoes all day. But I'd always wanted to see the Santa Monica pier, and ride the Ferris wheel with a guy... be all sappy and romantic like that...

I'll give the details, but let's just say the moral of this is that I needed warmer clothes. My memories of this are a bit clouded by the freezing feeling that accompanies them. I might have murdered for a sweatshirt lol.

We finally found parking and walked with the swaths of other people onto the pier. Right at the entrance there is an old Carousel, and I just had to ride it! I loved Carousels as a child- watching, scouting out which horse you want, running to it when it's your turn, naming it, petting it, and then just having fun- and I wanted to go with Daddy. Daddy was convinced that it would still be open on the way home, and made us continue on walking past it with the promise that I could ride after.

The pier to me was kinda not that exciting. Mostly like I said due to the cold and damp feeling that I couldn't escape. And the tired feet- cranky was setting in for sure! But it's fun that there's this little mini fair year round! Complete with rides and funnel cake! Nothing like the State Fair here, but you know, not everything can be as big as Texas ;). I was really enamoured with the Ferris Wheel though and had cajoled Daddy into riding it with me.

Let's be clear about something here. I don't like roller coasters. I hate amusement parks. I like the tea cup rides and tilt-a-whirls on occasion, but I venture into the Midway at the fair exclusively for the games and the food. I am afraid of heights (though climbing cathedral towers and riding monorails and chair lifts have helped alleviate that some), and I am not ashamed of my total terror. PHYSICS MATTERS! (re: you could totally die!)

But I have in my life, liked small Ferris wheels. I have liked the big one at the fair. And I though, it's no big deal! I'll love it! And Daddy will be with me.

I was wrong. As soon as that thing started moving I was shaking, clutching to his arm like a life raft, and near tears. I insisted that we sit on the same side of the gondola so that we could cuddle, but doing so cause it to tip backwards a bit. I couldn't really see out in front, and I was paranoid about falling out the back. Of course fixing this would require me to let go of his arm, which wasn't about to happen.

Daddy laughed at me mostly, but reassured me that I was obviously safe because I was with him (logic that satisfied my little girl), and I calmed enough to take some (very blurry) pictures. It was an experience for sure. By the time I was used to it and felt silly for my terror, the ride was sadly over.

We finished walking to the other end, and by then, I was ready to be transported to the car and to warm clothes and food. But we had to walk back. And right at the exit was the now closed Carousel.

I may have thrown a minor temper tantrum... lol.

Daddy got a hold of me quickly, and said he was sorry for not looking at the sign with the hours like I'd asked him to, and we got back to the car.

Half an hour of very frustrating restaurant searches and frantic calls to places trying to get a reservation later, we had reservations at Da Pastore, an Italian Restaurant in Beverly Hills. We luckily were able to swing by the hotel and I did my final costume change (of which there are no pictures because I was too damn tired to take anymore), and I don't think I've ever been so happy to put on a pair of leggings before. I hadn't realized how damp I'd gotten and that that was why I was so cold, but changing felt very nice.

Dinner was low-key. We were tired, and we went to sleep pretty soon after getting home. After some play of course. I'd been a good girl all day. And good girls get rewards... :)



Princess Kelley

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