Sunday, February 2, 2014

LA 2014 Part 2

Hey Team,

The saga continues!

Saturday morning I woke up at about 6 AM. Let me repeat that, because it merits repeating. I, Princess Kelley May, woke up at 6 AM. On my own. No alarm, no Daddy fussing at me. I woke up.

And damn if that wasn't a nice morning to wake up to. I got sleepy cuddles, spooning, and mischief. I got to be super submissive, and Daddy put my collar on me, taking control, and never giving it back. We also might have done some new sexy things we hadn't done before (Daddy had made some joke the night before about thighs being the perfect ear warmers that I quipped we could try...) that was very exciting (that I suddenly feel shy about telling the details of though the details are what make that story so amazing!).

An hour and a half of spanks, orgasms, and cuddles later, it wasn't even 8! We were barely behind schedule. My morning routine got us a bit farther behind, but Daddy was very strict with me about not getting frustrated.

I have this bad habit (always have) about letting myself get frustrated and upset over little things, and letting those feelings grow and ruin other nice things. For example, sometimes I can't enjoy the time he and I have together because I'll feel like I wasted half an hour somewhere along the way, or that we aren't using the time perfectly. That everything isn't perfect. And those feelings grow into ick, and start fights. So Daddy seems to have figured this out now, and just wasn't going to allow it. I was on, what I like to call, a short leash. Or as Daddy says, no leash, just his hand hooked in my collar.

If I got out of line, he would grab my hair, or, in the car, squeeze or smack the insides of my thighs. Then if I didn't stop, he'd take my panties from me. If I acted up again, he would make me sit in the car with my dress up or jeans down, legs spread with no panties (*grin*). And if I disobeyed after that? My punishment paddle was in the backseat of the car and he promised I wouldn't like those consequences.

So my protests that we were running late were met with spanks, and the statement that you can't be late on vacation. As long as we were having fun and happy, nothing else mattered. It was that kind of structure that made the day so perfect for me.

We had an amazing breakfast on the top floor of the hotel, looking out on the skyline and the ocean, feeling very Californian. From there we headed out to UCLA. The plan was to drive around campus a bit, drive in the neighborhood, see where I might be living, and then walk around the main part of campus some. In case you didn't know, UCLA is gorgeous!

It felt so good to just get to be out with Daddy, driving around, living life. Thinking about my possible future. Feeling positive, and not nearly as scared about the whole thing as I have been lately. (though let's be clear, I'm still fucking terrified and I haven't even gotten in anywhere- which is its own terror).
So walking around campus was lovely, but I discovered that in the shade it was very pleasant, but in the sun it was sweltering! So I convinced Daddy to let me go back to the hotel to change. The first of 3 costume changes that day, lol. My logic seemed sound though! We were going to go walk the beach later!

Anywho, so we decided to go to the Getty Museum in LA (not the villa in Malibu) because I'm a person who has gone to specific countries just to see one painting. Sadly, Michael was right when he told me the collection was rather lack luster. There was a great moment though when we got inside and Daddy gave me the map to navigate us around and tour guide, but then grabbed my discretely by the hair at my neck, leaned in and whispered "you may be in leading us right now little girl, but don't you forget who is in charge. You don't want to step out of line." Sent the most wonderful of shivers... *grin*
We had reservations at the very nice restaurant there, and the view was great! But I brilliantly suggested we eat outside in the gorgeous weather. It wasn't so gorgeous in my dress, in the shade, when the wind picked up! I even turned down desert I was so cold. But Daddy let me have a very yummy glass of wine, and the company couldn't be better, so I was a happy girl.

After we walked around the gardens some, before heading out again. (I have pretty photos of us, but I don't think Daddy is going to let me share them.)

We decided to head down to Venice Beach because I had never been, and it seemed like fun! But of course, I had to go back to the hotel to grab jeans for when it got dark, realizing how effing cold it was in the shade! Lol, I may have gotten myself a bit spanked for that one.

We drove down, stopped at a CVS (which shouldn't be worth noting, but I just remember at that moment being so stupidly happy and more relaxed than I'd been in so long...) and then finally got to Venice by about 4. I was astonished how much you can get done when you get up so early! Lol, but I was still fighting for every moment of sunshine.

Daddy and I had discussed me getting to wear my collar on the beach, and that was one of the most wonderful experiences I've had. Getting to so publicly be his like that. Just having fun, enjoying the street performers, skateboarders, colorful characters, and the gorgeous beach at sunset... it really doesn't get much better.

I love our shadows here. :)

S&K. There's something about a beach sunset that makes a girl extra romantic. This by the way was my first trip with a partner ever.

After we watched the sun set, we went shopping down the boardwalk. Daddy bought be a pretty pair of earrings from a lady who wonderfully asked if he was my father when I called him Daddy. I loved being able to laugh and say "no" as he said "some days" and finish with "I'm wearing a collar and call him daddy..." that look was priceless... :) I also got a fantastic pair of faux leather pants (see picture) for $17! Win!

After it got dark though, I wasn't in love. It got a bit too sketchy for my tastes, and we headed out (not before I got bent over a phone booth and swatted for throwing a temper tantrum) towards the Santa Monica pier....


Princess Kelley


  1. Thanks for sharing. These posts are great. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up ; ) but I'm looking forward to your next posts.

    - A long time fan

  2. Kelley, glad things are going well/getting better. Also, sounds like you had an awesome trip. And I hope your interview went well and you get accepted. -Alex

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