Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Updates and Random Factoids

So I'm working on some blog updates, both posts, and just to the site itself. As some of you might have noticed, I've started doing a dropdown archive by category of the old posts on the right rail. I'm hoping that it will help people that are new to the site find the posts the want to read, as I'm really proud of some of the things that I've written here, as well as allow people who've already read the posts to find them more easily. :)

Now for the random factoids about me :)
It turns out that I've been wrong about my bra size for the last 5 years. And I feel really stupid about it. I've always known that most women wear the wrong bra size, but I never thought that I would be one of them! I was a 34DD (pictured left (see, it looks right!)), and that was that. WRONG

I'm a 32F. That's right, a 32F. Sometimes 32G. G! Did you even know that was a bra size!? But it actually makes some since. The problem that I would have was that the cup wasn't large enough and if I went up where I was shopping, I would have to go up in band length...and they would get big in the wrong places. So I got a larger cup but a smaller band. So pretty much, tiny waist/ribcage- fucking huge tits! lol.

Now, this is my PSA for bra's. The store I went to is called Intimacy- check it out! OMFG! The founded has been on the Today show and stuff like that, talking about how important having the correct bra is, and she's SOOO right! They actually ask on their survey before your personal consultation (where a woman goes into the room with you and figures out your size) if you think a bra can change your life. I didn't think it could. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED! OMG this bra has TOTALLY changed my life! I can breath, my back doesn't hurt as much, I'm not fiddling with my bra all day, I look thinner, just OMG. PLUS all of there stuff is from Europe so they have TONS of stuff in my size and its all SUPER cute (see below in the horrible angle shot). Insanely beautiful stuff.

I've always been a panty addict. I think I might have just become a bra addict to. Sigh, sadly this is a much more expensive addiction, lol. But online I can find Tons of bras in my size, all of which are so beautiful b/c they're all from Paris! lol :D.

So LADIES! Go to this place, or even like a Nordstroms maybe (not Victoria's Secret- I love them, always have, but after this place, and learning about how bra's are made- they just don't make stuff for all sizes- GREAT panties, but not bras) and have somene who knows what they're doing fit you. It really can change your life. :D

In other totally random, did you really want to know this much about Kelley news, I am allergic to my cellphone.
What? you ask. Let me explain.
I am allergic to metal. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before or not, but it is quite the life issue for me. I also have excema, which is a skin condition- pretty much just Uber dry skin that leads to itchy ugly flaky red patches on my skin. I've always had it, pretty much always will, and I get really bad breakouts all over under stress. I even have some spots on my hips :( FAR to close to my bottom in my opinion. You might have seen it in some pictures on my tummy- which is related to the metal thing. In that case, its caused by my jeans and belt buckle.
Anywho, so in like March/April this spot broke out on my face and I was like WTF!?!?! That had NEVER happened! And it is SO not cool. I got meds for it, and it still wouldn't go away! And it was only in this one spot on my left cheek. Then suddenly it appeared in the exact same spot on the right side! And then it hit me! Its my phone! I talk on my left side, but when it started to hurt I switched to the right. And yes, I do talk on my phone THAT much. (Like when I was with John, 2 hours a day) I'm kinda at a loss now too. Speaker phone it is I guess! lol.

So yeah, that was way TMI, lol, but I really needed to share with someone the ridiculousness of my life.
Hope everyone's having a good weekend! I should have another post up either tomorrow or Monday.
Princess Kelley


  1. Thanks for the bra & panties link. I'll definitely look into it. Plus allergic to the cell phone, that's a new one. I would already be in a hospital if that was me LOL.
    Kara XOXO

  2. Hi! First time reader here. I've added you to my blogroll, and am looking forward to coming back and catching up.

  3. My girlfriend has the metal problem, too - apparently she gets a rash from anything except gold. At first I thought she was just angling for gold, but I guess it's a real thing. You might check it out - if you can handle gold, I'm sure there's no shortage of men who would be happy to assist you - all therapeutically, of course.

  4. You are incredibly beautiful Kelly! I hope you realize that! I don't want to get personal, but I wish I knew what your major was.

    I was the guy along time ago who said you should be a spanking model. I think you're closer to 87% there now, with your second blog.