Friday, August 28, 2009

Removed Post

Hi Team,
I'm back at school and getting moved in. Should have another post in a few days.

I decided to remove my last post. I was happy with it, but I got a couple of really nasty comments and emails, and I found them just really upsetting so I decided to just remove it for the time being. I've been having issues lately taking things that happen with this blog to heart... and a friend was like, "sweetie, you can't take everything so personally" But this IS personal to me! This is my life, and my secrets, and my heart, and I dont' really care that this is "just business" to a lot of people. This is me and it IS personal. Maybe I should grow thicker skin, and I guess this a sign I'm not cut out for more than my little corner of blogdom--- but apparently now even this can be cruel.....

Princess Kelley


  1. Kelley,

    As long as you present your thoughts as precisely that, how can they possibly be wrong? Does someone really presume to know you mind better than you do yourself? I think not.

    You have a voice that is worthy of being heard. Your ideas and feelings reflect your unique experiences. Unless someone has lived your life, they are not qualified to judge the validity of your words.

    This is your blog and you alone set the tone. If there is a nasty comment or one that is completely off-topic, you are well within your rights to simply delete it. I haven't done this very often (less than ten times in four years), but I've been glad to have the option.

    I can assure you that for every person that says something unkind, there are many hundreds more who appreciate the content you share here. I am proud to count myself among the latter group.

    Please don't let one or two grumpy malcontents sour you on the whole blogging adventure. I know you know it's so much more.

    Big hugs,

  2. Kelly,
    I agree with Bonnie. She's very wise! And I completely agree with deleting comments that offend or hurt you.

    There is a phrase I've lived by, and passed along to many others over the years, and it seems appropriate here.

    "If you don't respect the person, why do you care what they say?" If I truly respect someone, their words carry a whole lot more meaning and weight with me than if they come from someone for whom I have zero respect.

    Remember, we choose how we react to the world. We CONTROL how we react. No one, or no thing can do that for us. Don't let some idiot, whom you don't respect, control the content of your blog. Just delete their stupid comments, and move on.


  3. Hi Kelley,

    One thing I've learned in life -- people who make mean or nasty comments are doing so only because THEY have "issues" -- and feel that by attacking someone else, hurting them, dragging them down, they'll somehow feel better about themselves, their issues. These are petty people. Please don't take them seriously or let them get to you. Just feel sorry for them. Always remain true to yourself.

  4. I think you are mistaking one of my comments for mean.
    I was the guy who said maybe she is right, that her husband is interested in other girls. That wasn't meant to be mean. Just another possibility that I don't think you were considering.

  5. Hi Kelley, first of let me say its been a wonder reading your blog. Secondly I would just want to reaffirm you on your work with your blog so far. I know its upsetting but its a reality of life. Us blogger will always get the occasional nasty or mean comments. But end of the day, its our blog and while everyone is entitled to their comments, we too are entitled to ours and its on our blogs where we put them! :)

  6. I also was trying not to be mean. It is feasable that the lady in this may - at some point feel abused, at least physicaly. Thus a complaint could be filed.

    Just a thought of what could happen.

    Thank you