Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture Post

Hey guys

Sorry I haven't updated in a while (though you can't complain too much, you did get 2 posts in one day last week), there has been a big new development in my life that I am very excited to get to share with you guys very soon. I'm a bit swamped right now (though I will stock up on posts before school starts!) so I decided to do a picture post. :) Hope you enjoy.
Princess Kelley


  1. Cute bottom as always. Looking forward to hearing about the new development.

  2. You have a very beautiful bottom. Thank you for sharing your photos. i especially like the one where you are spreading your cheeks, making yourself available to your Daddy.

    Again, thanks for sharing.


  3. it's terribly hard to pic, which one I like most this time. All are so pretty, like always.


  4. Well, I stumbled upon the blog last night looking for some spanking stories to keep me awake on night shift up in the alberta oilpatch! And what do I find? Only the best blog ever! (princess's ego - * stroke stroke!*) I'm serious in saying its the only page I've book marked in my blackberry that isn't vanilla! Willing to jeopardize the secrecy
    Of my own spanko 2nd life, just to make sure I find my way back here! I'm telling you not even fetlife is bookmarked! (I did message you there too btw, just wanted to give you some public props! Looking forward to following your many adventures!

    Warm hugs and bottoms,


  5. Hey Kelley, Or is it Kelly? You spell it both ways. Or maybe it's Kelly and Princess Kelley? shrugging. Anyway, I'm sure you deserve a spanking in there somewhere!

    Great photos, but (pouting a bit here), we weren't able to click them to get to see the larger versions! (another spankable offense!)

    Love when you're able to post here, and one your private blog.


  6. LOVELY!
    Jean Marie

  7. kelly you have a lovely botty great pics ,love and spanks from tim xx

  8. Forest-
    Thank you and I hope to get a chance to update soon! :)

    Your welcome and thank You for commenting! I love that picture too *blush* It was right after my Daddy helped shave my kitty and bottom so I was all smooth and pretty for him. :)

    Thank you. :)

    Aw, thank you sweetie :). I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

    Well my goodness! Thank you so much! I will respond to your message on fetlife soon (I haven't been on there in a little while) but I am so flattered that you like my blog so much. It is my baby and I'm so grateful for all the support I've gotten. And LOL!!! I loved the ego stroke ;) :-*

    :) Thank you sweetie, its always great to get to hear from you :). I will explain the name thing in a private email later, and oh my! Hm...well I'm not sure why blogger is being naughty and not letting you open the pics, but I certainly have not earned a spanking! *pout!* ;)

    Jean Marie-
    Thank you my darling :)

    Thank you :)

    Princess Kelly

  9. Hi Kelly - You are hands down (and oh how I wish they were my hands:) the most spankable girl I have ever seen - without any doubt at all. Please keep up the good work - I'm so hoping to see some other photos (p.s., I love your face as much as your bottom please don't forget to show it). Thanks for sharing your epic spankability.