Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey team,
So I am really really upset right now (as the subject heading might indicate). I just received an email this morning from one of my readers (I'm not sure if your comfortable with a shout out, but go you!) informing me that he had seen some of my pictures, including ones with my face on them, on another random porn site. I was immediately SO concerned and frantic, and since I was at work, got my Daddy to look at the site, and he confirmed that yes, they were my photos (23 of them!!!) from back when I was stupid and had pictures with my face just on this site.

After being livid for a bit and just so so angry, I proceeded of course to email the website requesting that they all be taken down immediately and that the person responsible be banned. I have not heard back from them yet, but I'm determined that they will all be taken down.

So, with that all said, I would like to make a very heartfelt plea to all of my viewers. PLEASE do not take ANY of my photos off this site and put them up somewhere else without my expressed permission (and a link back to my blog- which this site also did NOT have). All of my images are copyrighted, and just more importantly, they are to an extent, private. I try to provide really personal and intimate content and photos on this site, b/c I love sharing my life with ya'll. But if this kind of thing keeps happening, I don't know if I will feel comfortable doing it anymore. So please, do not repost ANY of my photos (including ones without my face) anywhere! If you want to save a couple from this blog (not the private one) to your computer for your personal use...that's fine. Just please don't send them out all over the place. I like to maintain at least the illusion in my head that I have control over what I put up here.

And last but not least, if you ever see any photos of me up on another site that you think doesn't have permission PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do as this nice reader (who was a lurker btw) did, and let me know. You will have my deepest gratitude.

Ok, well I'm feeling a bit calmer now...and I am hoping to get to post a fun and interesting post soon, but this was just too important to wait.
Princess Kelley


  1. Aw Kelly! I'm sorry you had that experience. Hopefully the website will remove them immediately.

    That is one of the advantages of altering the photos as we do on our blog. However, I still think we tend to show more than we should.


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  3. I am so sorry. One of the reasons I don't post photos is because I once did, when I first discovered the spanking online community. Imagine my surprise when one day I saw someone else, using my face as theirs....


  4. Hi Kelly..I hope your able to get the website to take down your pics. It's just to bad that people have to abuse others pictures like that. One of the reasons I decided not to do pictures myself is when I graduate college I want to work in the News Industry. All I would need is to one day be a news reporter and have "kinky" pictures of me come out. Then that would most likely be the end of my career. Take care and I love your blog...Kara XO

  5. Kelly,

    I'm so sorry someone took advantage of you actually being a nice, trusting person. Best of luck getting them removed.



  6. That sucks! People need to realize you're being very generous to share your photos, and that we're privileged to see them. If I ever see any posted elsewhere, I'll let you know immediately.

    Thanks and sorry it happened to you, Kelly.


  7. probably a he pretending to be a she. still sux. but i will made note of any imposters as well :)

  8. That's just so wrong Kelley. You'd think he/she would have had more respect for you to at least have asked for permission first before posting them, but hopefully you have gotten the pics taken off the site now after your e-mail.

    Jessica xoxo