Wednesday, May 5, 2010

50 Things I’m Thankful for: A List (in the order in which they pop into my brain)

As said in the title, these are in no particular order, but rather in the order that they popped into my brain. Some will probably be profound, and some will probably be really stupid. And I’m probably going to steal some from 1000 Awesome Things (one of the best websites ever- I'm serious, please check it out, it will make you feel so good about life). This was suggested by a commenter who thought I should make sure to mention all the good things in my life. And he was so right. I have a wonderful life, and despite all the things that make it difficult, I am so grateful for so much (much more than this quick list). So, I hope that this shows at least to a degree, that I really am happy : )

  1. Kittens and Puppies- no joke, they make my life better, and The Cute Project and Lolcatz literally bring me joy.
  2. Biondo!- The pet dog that lives here (my Italian house mom’s dog). The sweetest baby boy ever. I can’t believe I’m going to have to leave him! I love him so much
  3. My Momma and Daddy (aka Nana and Papa)- I don’t know how I’d get through a day without them
  4. My “baby sister”- she is a constant reminder that a person can survive anything and I love her
  5. My real life family- despite my mother and my up and down relationship, I don’t know what I would do without her. My father is a wonderful man and a great dad, and my older brother is hysterical and I love him so much.
  6. My friends from college- What a great group of girls
  7. All the people at my university who I consider my friends but in reality aren’t in like my “circle” that I always call, but whenever I see them on campus we talk for like 2 hours in the middle of a street or outside the library and they just make me feel like that place really is my home
  8. My friends from home- My friends for life, I can’t imagine the future without them; no matter how long we go between seeing each other and how far apart in the country we are, it never matters. They are my besties and I love them.
  9. Fail blog, FML, and Texts from Last Night
  10. Spanking :)
  11. Music and my iPod
  12. Being in Europe (duh!)
  13. Having been able to travel so much in my life, that I’ve seen the majority of Europe at 20 years old
  14. Being 20 years old and having most of my life (hopefully) still ahead of me
  15. My ex boyfriends
  16. All of my friends in the spanking community- you are a pillar of support and such wonderful people- I am so grateful to have found you
  17. The entire spanking community- ya’ll rock! We are a generally great group of people, and I don’t think that’s something all fetishes can say
  18. Shadow Lane
  19. Television- I’m not joking. I freaking luuuvvv television :)
  20. Joss Whedon
  21. The ability to sing
  22. My accapella group at school
  23. The fact that I have the opportunity to attend one of the best universities in this country, and the education that has come from it
  24. My teachers in high school- I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without them
  25. I cibi della mia famiglia italiana
  26. Gibbs :)
  27. Shiny things
  28. Bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Classic Nickelodeon television
  30. My Italian professor that I had here
  31. The fact that I have been blessed enough to not have had to go through much loss before my Mommy died last year
  32. My therapist
  33. Windows 7
  34. Great art
  35. My stuffed animals!!! :D
  36. The London Tanners
  37. Vin Santo
  38. That moment when you have been really sick or just on an airplane and your ear finally pops
  39. Modern medicine
  40. The internet
  41. PostSecret - maybe one day I'll have the courage to send in mine.
  42. Every single comment that has been posted on this blog, and every single email that has been sent to me
  43. Panties!
  44. The new lingerie shop Intimacy that opened at home that actually sells pretty bras in my size!
  45. Being a woman
  46. Having clean water when I turn on the tap, and all those simple things in life that we always take for granted
  48. Fanfiction- especially spanking fanfiction!
  49. Rachel Maddow
  50. I think I am most thankful for all the people that I have in my life that truly do love and care about and for me. That is what is most important to me in life. : )


Princess Kelley

PS. So I was just looking up the links for all of these sites (and of course got sucked into reading all of them) and first felt pure joy and laughter and happiness from 1000 awesome things, then intense when reading PostSecret, then laughed out loud so hard at Texts from Last night and Fail blog, and then just about died of cuteness from The Cute Project and lolcatz. Please enjoy responsibly :) Princess Kelley nor Confessions of a Spanked Princess can be held liable for you wasting time, procrastinating or getting thoroughly obsessed with one of said sites.


  1. Great list!!!! Thanks for sharing..Kara XOXO

  2. I'm so glad you did this. This is great because it shows us another side of you, but also we learn a few things we didn't know. For example, I also love postsecret, and Joss Whedon. But it also showed us a sense of growth and self-satisfaction. #45, #42, #23, and #15 especially showed this. Good for you :)

    For cuteness, try It's a child of xkcd.

    All the best (wishes and smacks),

    -Anonymous lurker ----> Blue

  3. Kara- thank you sweetie :)

    Blue- I'm really glad I did this too. Thank you so much for the idea and the encouragement. And GO YOU for creating an account and posting again :). Postsecret rocks my world, and I want to have Joss Whedon's baby. He's directing next weeks Glee, and I just can't get over it! lol.
    Oh and yes!! Kitten Wars!!!! LOL, love it. :)Thank you sweetie *peck on your cheek*

    Princess Kelley