Monday, May 10, 2010

The Amalfi Coast

So ya’ll sure as hell better love me after this one!

So I’m currently in the south of Italy, taking a much deserved vacation, and I have fallen in love with this place. Yesterday I went to Capri and I don’t think that I have had a better day since coming to Italy. The Blue Grotto was closed, which I was devastated about, but I can’t imagine this day being any better. I went on a boat ride around the island first, going into the green and white grottos, and just marveling at the gorgeous cliffs that make up the island of Capri. Then I went up to Anacapri and took a chairlift (and when they say chair they mean chair) up to the top of the mountain. OMG I was terrified. I don’t like heights, and it was rickety and just, *shudder*. But the second I stepped out on top, I said, “So worth it.” Best decision I ever made. Did a few other things too, but those were the highlights.

Then today. Oh today. So. I got up and went on the Amalfi Coast drive (took the bus that is) from Sorrento to Amalfi, going through Positano. My plans for the day kept changing sporadically, but it ended up being lovely. I walked around Amalfi town, and then got on a boat to go to a different grotto, that was magnificent! And the boat ride there…stunning!
But after that is where the fun begins. So I saw this tiny little beach on the bus and again on the boat and decided that was where I wanted to go and have my moment on the beach (I only really like the beach in theory, and my desire to be there usually only lasts about half a day). I found paradise.

It’s this little place called Santa Croce, that during the summer apparently isn’t so paradise like, when its packed with tourists. But today it was me, and the occasional one other person. It’s about 200 ft long and there are two shack-like places you can get a drink or a bite to eat and that’s IT. And you can only get there by boat or by climbing down over 400 steps carved into the cliff.
(View from about half way up the stairs down onto the beach)
So it’s, mountain, beach, mountain. And pretty rocks. No annoying sand sticking to me.
So I laid there for a while- sigh of contentment- then when I decided to leave because the sun went away, I saw this secluded grove. I mean really the entire thing is secluded (I’m the only one there) but this was secluded from the main part of the beach. And I decided to be braver for you guys than I have ever been in my life. I took semi-nude and nude photos.

I swear to you I have never done anything so difficult! Lol, trying to perch my camera on rocks and set my auto timer that only takes one picture at a time and being naked in the open, and I think I sat my bare bottom on something not good, lol. It was crazy. There were very few successful shots sadly (most are just fails or I look like I weigh…well I look like I weigh probably sadly what I in reality do weigh, which scares the shit out of me), but I will share as many as I can with you, and even ones that I am inclined to delete b/c I look fat/ugly, but I’ll give them to you anway. They are for ya’ll afterall. : ) [naughty photos will be in next post since this one already has so many-blogger is starting to spazz]

So paradise right? Well its certainly the closest thing I’ve found to paradise. The only problem is that those 400 steps you had to go down to get there, you then have to go up. FML. I am not an athletic person to be sure, and so this was beyond challenging. So at every landing, I took a photo for ya’ll (as well as a picture of how I was feeling at that moment (see montage below), lol) This is the result.

(1. Oh Dear God. What have I gotten myself into? 2. Trying to smile and look happy. 3. How I’m actually feeling at that moment. 4. I friggin hate stairs. 5. I’m trying to notice how beautiful this all is, but I’m just so damn tired! 6. Yes! A Landing! I get to pause and take a picture! And sorry ya’ll, I’m out of good pose ideas for the naughty shots. 7. Is that the end?! Dare I say I see it? Oh God, it might be over soon! 8. OMG,*crazed* Only one left! 9. I made it! *wanting to break down and cry from relief* 10. Fuck you stairs! 11. Later, when my heart had slowed again, I see pretty flowers. 12. Bus stop! I made it! 13. There were lots of ants where I sat waiting for the bus. )

So, ruling. Paradise? Maybe, not. This is the closest thing I have found to paradise, but actual paradise would have an elevator. …And Gibbs along with Wolverine there to spank me and take naughty photos of me as I wanted/needed. :D
Princess Kelley


  1. Long-time lurker, first time poster. You are a very, very brave person! I have to hide behind anonymity and fictional personas on spankingchat!

  2. Hi Kelley,

    What fun you have in Italia! Such a lovely crevice. No, wait, that didn't sound right... :D Anyhow, I love your stories and photographs. It makes me wish I could go to Italy.

    If there has ever been one unflattering picture taken of you, you sure didn't post it. Either the camera makes you beautiful or you simply can't hide it. Either way, you needn't be hesitant to post photos. My husband has told me for years that women are meant to look like women. And you do!

    Have a great summer!


  3. Thank you for the lovely photos and descriptions! I am jealous, but you telling us about it all is the next best thing to being there! <3

  4. The naughty language and gesture have been noted for future discussions re: appropriate behaviour from such an articulate and beautiful young lady.

  5. Anonymous- Welcome to posting! And thank you for your comment. I just hope my bravery doesn't come to bite me in the ass some day :)

    Bonnie- Thank you sweetie- I always look forward to your comments :) They just feel like a big hug. :) And lol, I liked the phrasing! :)

    Little Butterfly- Thank you sweetie :)

    Anonymous- *gulp* *tummy does a little flip* Yes sir. (Um, thank you for noticing! I was hoping someone would post something like this. It just made my insides do the most wonderful things. mmmmm)

    Princess Kelley