Saturday, May 1, 2010

Princess Kelley is...

feeling very unloved :(.
No one comments anymoreeeeee . I even gave ya'll a pretty picture. sniff. sniff. No one loves me anymoreeeee


  1. Try 12 posts in a row without a comment and then you can come crying to me. One post that does not get a comment is no big deal.

    Turning that around I have been lurking here a lot and will try commenting a bit more in the future.


  2. You are loved Kelley. You have plenty of commenters (myself included, this now being my 2nd comment on your blog, the first being on your 2 year anniversary post.)

    Plus you have plenty of lurkers, who are just too afraid to show their love for you.

    Keep your chin up, Princess. Your subjects truly do adore you.

  3. Kelley young lady you need big spanks for saying we dont love you we do i comment a lot ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  4. Lurker here. Kelley you're whining. Your picture was gorgeous, no worries about that. Now keep that chin up, ok? You should be out enjoying your time in Europe!

  5. Kelley, i've emailed you several times. Check your email! :)

  6. Prefectdt-
    Ouch. That kinda hurt. :( But thank you for delurking, and I'm sorry you're not getting more comments :(

    LMAO "your subjects love you"- That was the most perfect thing to say ever!! I love it! And thank you for commenting, and welcome to the blog if you're new (or if you're just new to commenting, thank you :)) Muah!

    Mew *hangs head and rubs bottom* sorryyyyy. and yes, you do comment lots and they always make me very happy! :)

    Welcome, and thanks for delurking :), I'm glad you liked my picture- yes I do worry- and re: whining, see my new post *wink*

    Yes, you have, and I am emailing you back I promiseeeee. :) PS. Love you :)

    Princess Kelley

  7. Aww, princess, I guess I am one of those lurkers that rarely comments! I should have said something on your picture, too, cuz I was looking at that post when Daddy walked up and he was like, Whoa, who's that?! hehe But I love reading your blog! I think that you are so pretty and worldly and awesome, sometimes I don't think I have anything relevant to say! I know, how silly is that? LOL xoxoxoxo

  8. I am just too shy around absolutely gorgeous women.

  9. Little Butterfly- That is Very silly! I love every single comment, and yours always make me smile. I'm so happy you liked the picture and thank you for saying so :). Big hug! Please don't ever feel like what you have to say isn't relevant.

    Anonymous- *blush* don't be :) hugs

    Princess Kelley