Saturday, May 1, 2010

Of Course I'm Whining! *stomp*

I was out too late last night, partying it up with the rest of Florence on Notte Bianca and so I'm trired and cranky today, and me feeling tired and cranky often leads to me feeling little. Little little today. Like little like pouting and tantrums, and pillows throw across a room just bc I don't want a nap which of course I really need. So, yes, I was whining. What are you going to do about it?!?! HMPH!


I would like to clarify something. I have realized (and it has been brought to my attention) that my posts this semester have made it seem like I've been unhappy here, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am so blessed to be here and have loved almost ever minute of it. Sadly, in many ways this is my place to vent and also the one down side has been in the world of spanking, so ya'll haven't gotten to feel just how amazing my time has been and how much happier I've been this semester, than say, last semester. I wish I didn't have to leave.......

hmm.... maybe I don't have to....

AHHA!!!! GOOD NEWS!!! My internship has finally been settled and worked out, and I will be in LONDON for almost the entire summer!!!!! I'm extremely excited to get to stay, and to get to experience I new part of this European life. Also, it means I can play again!!! hehe. I'm so sad to be leaving Italy, but I'm going to be spending the next couple weeks traveling around, starting next week with the Amalfi Coast. You know what that means!! Bikini pictures! LOL :)

So yes, I'm pouting and whining b/c I was feeling little and unloved, and also bc ya'll know how insecure and self-concious I am all the time that ya'll are going to lose interest and leave, but thank you for all the love, and I promise to be a good girl and stop pouting *crosses fingers behind my back* *wink*

Princess Kelley

PS Just responded to a bunch of comments, so if you wrote one recently, you can check for the reply :)


  1. Hi Kelley,

    There's no cause for worry. We're still here and we do still love you and your stories and your photographs, and yes, even your whining (that pouty lower lip is so cute).

    London, you say? If an American woman can't find a good bottom warming there, she simply isn't trying. I have no doubt that our friend Abel can steer you toward some percussive fun while in the UK.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach and tell us about your adventures.


  2. I haven't been commenting (I'm very bad) but I stop by now and then to see how pretty, adorable, and hot you are. I think your wanting attention is cute and sexy, so please keep posting and pouting. Spanks and hugs to you, naughty Princess.

  3. i am glad that your internship has been worked out. London is a great city. i have a friend who graduated from Royal Holloway U of London a few years ago.

    i love you too but im old enough to be your father so i control myself!

    oh and ive only had 1 reply in over 50 posts!

    *avuncular hugs and forehead smooches

  4. You're sounding very bratty young lady. Be a better girl or I'll have to take you over my knee and give you a sound spanking. :)

  5. Same lurker as before (maybe I'll get comfortable to make an account eventually). I think it's cute that even when you're being grateful and heartfelt in your posts, you still throw in some bratting. That's great news about London! Like Bonnie said, you'll be able to find a few spankings there no problem.

    Now: I understand how little an anonymous internet post might make you change your beliefs, but I think it's important to say - you have nothing to feel insecure or self-conscious about. Readers come and go, but there are plenty of people in your life that love and care for you (and would warn you about stomping your feet). It might be worthwhile for you to make a post dedicated to all the positive things in your life; sure, a blog might be good for venting, but readers also want to know that you're having a fun time.


  6. Bonnie- Hugs :) You are so sweet, and you're comments always make me feel so special. Thank you. :)

    Brett B- Thank you!!! *huge smile* Big Hug!

    Richard- *gasp!* nooooo that can't be trueeee. I've been trying to be a good girl about replying. I reply at the end of each post after all the comments (like this). I think I got the idea from Pixie's blog...:( I'm so sorry if I haven't responded or if you haven't gotten them :( And lol, thank you for your self control ;)

    Tank- hmph! *stomp* *sticks tongue out* i AM a brat!

    Anonymous- thank you. Anonymous internet posts actually do mean a lot to me and can have a great impact on me (not sure what exactly that says about myself...). And you are absolutely right! I think that would be a wonderful post. I'm going to start on it now in fact :) Hugs- oh and don't feel pressured to make an account. It makes no difference to me if you are anonymous or have an account, and you can always just sign with something so I can identify you, but it won't be linked to anything if you like. :)

    Princess Kelley