Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cars and HoH's

Hey team,

So I am apparently going for the gold on this new plan of mine :). Lol, I recorded something that ended up being significantly longer than anticipated on my drive home.

Did I mention I can talk?

Lol, for those of you who have always wanted to know what I sound you go. For those of you who would like to keep your own fantasy... don't listen? lol

In these I talk about cars, driving, speeding tickets, spanking, Keith Jones, domestic discipline, head of households, cowboys, spanking, spanking, and Santa :)

Wish me luck on attaching these! :)

Part One- that was actually recorded after the fact bc I deleted it while making an illegal U turn :)
on Driving, Cars, Speeding Tickets, and Spanking :)


So this is taking FOREVER to I'm going to try something a little different....

For the Part one. Its not going to spam your computer I promise. I tried it beforehand. Just follow the correct prompts, and don't click on ads.
If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know :) I'm not comfortable putting them on youtube- and their just audio, not video anyway, so hopefully I'll get this down.

Part Two- Keith Jones, Spanking videos, masturbation, HoH, and DD, Cowboys and Santa

Hope you like it :). And feedback on both the process and content (I ask a question that requires responses in Part 1!) is very very appreciated :)

Love ya'll!

Princess Kelley


  1. I finally got to listen to these posts so here here we go:
    Fist Yes, I would give you a spanking for a speeding ticket or for that matter even if I found out about you driving dangerously. I am very protective and I would consider the risks to be irresponsible. But I should say that is only if it was dangerous or a ticket because almost everyone speeds to some extent. If it was not serious I would then most likely turn it into a scenario for a sexual spanking just because, well you know.

    Second I was glad to hear you whole thoughts on type of partner and would start with do not be so sure he is not out there for you. It may seem like a lot to ask for a supportive partner with intellect and into spanking but it is not impossible. That is exactly what I think you mean the "Dom" type you describe is almost predatory where you are seeking a partner. I think if you found a spanko who liked the sexual aspect but has a proper protective nature about you as a partner you may get that feeling if you are in for discipline. You may not get the same as the stories or the videos portray because the women do not start as spankos and you obviously are but you would still have the butterflies when getting a discipline spanking partly because your feeling would be different. It is interesting that now you say you are longing for sexual spanking because it has been so long and less for the discipline as although you have not had that either you have some access from your papa.

    I am sorry Santa did not bring you a spanking and wish I could help but alas

  2. These 2 links no longer work. Yet somehow, life goes on.

  3. Anonymous-
    Well... that's a bit rude, but I'm really sorry the links no longer work. I will upload them to box- what I currently use for my files. I'm sorry that you're finding that these don't work.
    Princess Kelley