Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magic Wands at the Doctor

Very short little audio about the most ridiculous use of THE "magic wand" ever.
Discussion of needles and some medical stuff (though I try not to get too graphic) but if that makes you terrified, don't listen. :)

Ok, going back to bed now.

Love ya'll

Princess Kelley

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  1. Hi Kelley,

    I think I probably would have giggled uncontrollably at the sight of a Hitachi Magic Wand at the doctor's office!

    Distracting, huh? That's not the first word that comes to my mind, but OK, yeah... :D

    I think I am caught up on your audio blogs. The stream of consciousness approach is fun. Your voice sounds different depending upon how you recorded/encoded it. The post-shower session sounded the best.

    Please don't let that body image bear-trap catch you. You are beautiful. Period. Stop. End of transmission. Ask anyone you know, male or female, here or IRL, and they will confirm this fact.

    Will you always be beautiful? Perhaps so, if you work at it. You mentioned Erica Scott (who I love too). She is more attractive today than she was thirty years ago.

    We all have moments where our confidence slips. It's part of having that second X chromosome. But you have many wonderful traits in your column, any one of which can carry the day. Perhaps your cowboy is being enchanted by your sweet voice even as you read this.

    I look forward to hearing what else you have to tell us.