Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve

Hey Team,

So I was going to do- and will do tomorrow- a "year in review" post (probably in audio form with visual aides :) ). However, tonight I am having a party- my first official party as the hostess actually. I have always lived in dorm rooms at school and thus have never hosted a party. Well I hosted a party my freshman year at someone else's house....that ended poorly (re: over a toilet).

So anyway, lol. I'm very excited and have spent all day putting it together, so I haven't had time to do that. But I am currently getting ready, and I have put on my silver dress. This is a dress I bought 3 years ago, and have worn it seems every New Year's Eve since then.

2 years ago we were on a cruise, and I was very very sick. There are no photos that I can find of me by myself in that dress but the next day I took this photo in another pretty dress. Then last year I wore the silver dress to a party, and I felt really pretty (and happy re: tipsy) so I took photos when I got home.

This unfortunately leads me to a not so happy and fun position right now. I am wearing the exact same outfit as I did last year- same necklace even. And it fits, but I can clearly see that I am heavier in it. I mean it is clear that I have gained weight each year, but...well wearing something that used to look a certain way and now doesn't is always a bit distressing.

None the less, I am excited to ring in the new year- and I put on fun panties just for the occasion ;) And I still love my sparkly dress :). And when I think about what got me this bit of extra flesh I remember my house-parents in Italy and their amazing food and love and affection, and the joy that I had while I was there, and how through working hard to lose the weight now I have actually begun to address the eating issues I've had all my life, and it all seems pretty much worth it. :)

Fun little diddy of me through the years. Actually its me through blogging. I started this blog 2 months before the first picture was taken in 2008.

Princess Kelley


  1. Happy new year to you, Kelley. You look stunning in each of the photos. Are you one to make resolutions?

  2. Happy New Year Kelly, I hope you all the best for the year to come. I hope your party was a success.

  3. A very nice blog. Extremely appealing pictures, thoughts and general musings. Happy New Year. Dr S-C