Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010, A Year in Review

Hey Team,

So this is epically long, sorry! lol. I hope you like it. Each part is about 9 minutes I think. I had to use a file splitter and then converters to get this all to upload, so I hope you like it and it works!

Part 1: this part acutally has nothing to do with the Year in Review, and don't just listen to it. I vote listen to part 2. I think people listen to this and then giving up :( which makes me have sad face. Or listen to it and know that the rest is totally different. k thx luv ya :)

Introduction, Last night's party, and thanks.

Part 2:
Year in Review Part 1- January through March

Part 3:
Year in Review Part 2-

Part 4:
Year in Review Part 3

Part 5:
Year in Review Part

Part 6:
Year in Review Part

Visual cues coming in the next post :)

Princess Kelley

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  1. Good review and good exercise I would image it made you feel better. It was a year of vast growth for you which is good but takes time to process. The feelings when you came home are probably due to a number of factors which would include senior year. I would not worry about the depression too much after everything you experienced last year some mental decompression is to be expected you should recover quickly if you let yourself. I am glad your goal is on track for your graduation congratulations.