Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Nighttime Thoughts :)

Hey Team,

So here's a little 5 minute audio. Just me rambling really, but I think it might be funny... hopefully... and I ask for blog post requests at the end. lol

Princess Kelley

PS. Below the post of the puppies is a post about my new hairbrush... you might want to take a look...


  1. I believe that you have more hits on the media posts when your discussing spanking and fantasies rather than puppies and nail infections. Enjoy the blog and the pictures.

  2. I partly agree the above comment. Though with the year-in-review post I may have another solution as to why some items were downloaded more than others. When I was downloading the year-in-review I tried to get all the audio files at once to listen to later. Some of them failed to downloaded properly the first time (I got corrupted audio files) and two stalled and so I had to fetch some of the audio files thrice. Others downloaded fine the first time. If a handful of other people had this problem too, it would explain the different numbers.

    As to stuff I would like to hear about in future posts, I'm mostly interested in art and spanking. Art which includes or suggests spanking gets bonus points.

    And I love your comment about the floor being a shelf we walk on. Great observation!

  3. Anonymous-
    Ouch. While I would in general consider this observation kinda obvious, and certainly would agree, for some reason it stung :(
    But I do appreciate the feedback and that you commented. :) And I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog.
    PS. I only talked about my stupid toe in the introduction to the YIR for like 2 seconds. The rest was like 45 minutes about Europe.... but now I am considering removing that introduction (which isn't even an introduction as it is completely unrelated) bc I think you might be right, and that is why that has been accessed over 60 times while the others have only been 20 some odd times. People got turned off and just left. sad face.

    Ahh that makes a lot of sense. Because it wasn't a huge discrepancy in numbers, just enough to make me think, what are people doing?! lol. I'm sorry that you had a problem downloading them! Let me know if it happens again and I'll try to see if I can fix it somehow.

    Hmm. art and spanking...I think I could make that happen.
    Lol, the floor totally is a shelf! :)

    Princess Kelley

  4. Anon (again) The file corruption probably just happened because I was trying to download them all at once, it hadn't happened before nor has there been a problem since.

    For what it's worth, I thought the toe commentary was amusing.

  5. Of course I like the spanking posts and that is what got me to your blog in the first place. Still I do enjoy your other posts as they give a "bigger" picture which I think is good. I also like the idea that you are less censoring of your thoughts.

    The art and spanking sounds interesting and I hope you do convince your friend to post her experiences.

  6. I am really enjoying your audio blogs; they provide an interesting view to the many sides of Kelley. I can relate to you in so many ways that it is very enlightening hearing your perspective. I have not seen any post about your voice; it is very soothing yet sensual. The sensual quality of your voice is much more audible when you record with your webcam.

  7. Blog requests? I certainly want to hear about this "convert." Is it the roommate you mentioned earlier?

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