Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010, A Year in Review in Pictures

To correspond with the audio posts here


Did I mention that the food was AMAZING!!?!?!

Biondo in the back of the car :)

Biondo on my bed :). Biondo means blonde in Italian.

Yay Florence!

Did I mention it was cold???


The lady making my mask to my specifications :)

Yay Costumes!!! Next time, I'm doing it full out like this

The magical and mysterious blue orbs :)

Venetian Glass

Me in my mask :) Michael did a photo shoot- it was so much fun :)


My haircut :)

My friend's kitty cat! :) Named Yumi. I loved her :) She was pure mischief

Saint Chapelle


Me sick, with Biondo- love. pure love.


The Dolomites

"the alcove"

my attempt at a self photo shoot in public :)

The view walking down from Ravello walking down to Amalfi

A view of the Amalfi Coast from Ravello


Forgot to mention I went to Wimbledon, that was pretty fun

My apartment, before I destroyed it, lol.

A picture David took of me over his lap.

Bratting in the stairwell


at the airport in London


Did I mention that my roommate is hot, and that I'm a total creeper? Lol. This was after she pulled an all-nighter.



I forgot to mention that I went home for Columbus Day weekend and went to the fair- which is my favorite thing in the entire world!

Naughty School Girl

The Vampire in Action!


An attempt we made at a mouse-barricade to keep the mice from coming in under our door. It failed, lol.


My freaking beautiful papers! :)

I of course can't include all the photos I wish I could because I can't put photos of other people or anything identifiable in here, but I hope you like what I can share. Someone remind me to do a post on Europe through the eyes of a spanko, bc I took a ton of photos specifically thinking as a spanko, that I want to share :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I wouldn't be surprised if you one day recall 2010 as the year you became a citizen of the world. What an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    So what does 2011 hold for our favorite member of royalty? Graduate school? (makes sense) Romance? (it's out there) Recreational spankings? Work? More travel? Something else?

    Come what may, I wish you great happiness and the satisfaction that comes from knowing that the person you see in the mirror is a winner. :)


  2. Love all the pics Kelley. You look amazing in everyone you in. Your roommate does look hot from the view you shared. I would definitely be stalking her is she was mine LOL!!
    Great year end post and hope you had a Happy New Year.


  3. So your paper is about just one Dallas Cowboy? Someone should spank some grammar into you!

    Have a happy new year!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Princess Kelley. The audio with accompanying photos was a great way to wrap up the year. I love the pictures from Europe and your various costumes!

  5. Fantastic photos Kelley! Looks like you've had quite a year young lady. Hope you're doing well and Happy New Year!


  6. Felice Anno Principessa dal Bel Culetto

  7. I'm impressed at the self-photo shoots by the sea. If your camera is anything like mine, it has only a 10-second or so delay. That's some quick undressing! Brava!

  8. Hello Kelley:

    First of all, you look great and your butt looks great. Deal with it(he says, giving that butt a firm but playful swat!)!

    Second, I am glad that Mike is much better now. Some friends and I prayed for his recovery.

    Third, if you want to loose weight that is fine but do so because you want to be fit and healthy so you can enjoy life with all its joys and sorrows to the full, and not because your mom thinks you look pregnant or because you think your cowboy will think your thighs are too big. Your biggest enemy is probably your college's cafeteria. If it is anything like my university's cafeteria back in the 80's, it costs 500 calories just getting in line!

    Good luck with your final year. I hope that it will be fruitful for you

    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch

  9. Keep up the wonderful work, whether being "evil," naughty or anything else in between.