Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Hairbrush!!! :)

Note: Well I did say that people didn't have to listen, they just had to comment. So here is your reward. I would really like it if people listened to that one though. Its not about the movie so much as it is about the search for ones self. I worry sometimes when I post lots of things that the less titilating ones get lost in the shuffle. But I do love this post ;)

Hey Team!

Wow, an old fashioned, text based post! I know, I know, your head is wanting to explode. It'll be ok though. I promise ;)

So for Christmas, I received a $100 gift card to an Aveda store specifically in my home town. I love Aveda, and its where I get massages when I'm at school, so I was very excited. However, I was then told that they had just won this in a charity raffle, and hadn't picked it out, and it was only to the store, not the spa or salon. Slightly sad, but oh well, I thought, I'll just go on a completely superfluous shopping spree! :) Always fun.

And guess what the first thing I knew I would buy was?

Sorry that's not the best angle, it was in the passenger seat of the car. Its a big brush, with a good sized head....I should take more pictures...

That's right! My very own wooden hairbrush. :) I had seen various "paddle" brushes (as they are known to spankos and hair stylists alike) made of wood in Avedas before, but had never purchased one.

I did this time.

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, or have known me for awhile, you might recall my history with various spanking implements, most especially hair brushes, and know that this is not my first wooden hairbrush. However, this is the first spanking implement I have EVER purchased for myself. (In my possession I have a set of small wooden hairbrushes, only a few of which would be suitable for spanking- one of which can be seen in my one and only spanking video- and which are hollow. I also have a small solid wood bath brush that was a Christmas gift from my first spanker. I have in the past purchased 2 domestic discipline straps for two different tops, as well as a nanny paddle for one of them from London Tanners. Lastly I purchased a small wooden paddle made of mahogany for my ex, M.)

(I'm still waiting for John to give me that leather paddle- the question of splitting implements after a long term relationship and if I would even want some of the implements and what proper etiquette for re-using toys and/or implements is very interesting but for another post- I'm thinking audio)

But back to this brush specifically. Clearly I have gone un-spanked for too long bc I keep seeing it in my room and not thinking spanking! I just think, ah, a good brush, my hair is tangled. What is wrong with me! This thing is a beauty. Solid bamboo wood. Not a lamenent or hollow. Its light but certainly hard and sturdy, and from the one swat I tested, packs quite the sting!

Gosh, I just wish there was someone to help me try it out.

What do ya'll think-- should I try using it for a self spanking to break it in? Do you think its pretty? Let me know in the comments

Princess Kelley


  1. How can you possibly resist trying out the brush? Isn't self-discipline a popular beginning-of-the-new-year virtue?


  2. I listened to your Eat, Pray, Love post and found it interesting. At one point or another I suppose we all go through periods of questioning our lives and ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    As to the hair brush, it looks quite suitable for swatting a backside and I urge you to give it a try. (And post a review of the experience.)

    In regards to what to do with sex toys after a break-up, I highly recommend writing it off and getting a replacement. It skips over the issue of meeting to exchange sex toys, which might be awkward, and gives you a fresh start.

  3. I am not one for the whole self spanking thing in general but I would love to see the results. Of course if you find someone to help you with that than seeing the results would be even better.

    The splitting of the assets sexually explicit or not is always tricky. My general rule is as the above poster wrote them off and start over. However, there are somethings that we are closely attached to. Make sure that it is attached to you and not the relationship and that you are attached to it, everything else is just stuff. The thing about implements are that sometimes they are personal so the answer is yes, no or maybe lol.

  4. It would be a shame to let that brush go to waste. I think you should definitely try it out to make sure it works for it's intended purpose which we all know is spanking of course.

  5. By all means,do try it out! By yourself,if necessary,or preferably with a trusted friend,but in either case do please post the results in meticulous detail.