Friday, January 7, 2011

Code Word

Hey Team,

So this might be my last post for a week or so--- I'll probably change my mind on that, but I'm worrying that I'm overloading everybody.

Its completely about spanking, and something I've been meaning to post since last summer! So everybody should be happy :) Sorry its on the less nice audio, but hopefully it is still understandable.

Topic: Having a Code Word or phrase for spankos so that we can identify one another in public.

Princess Kelley


  1. The code word idea is interesting. Sort of like people in AA having the "Friend of Bill" phrase? A while back, in response to a general query from Dan Savage I suggested gay people use "Have you seen any good shows recently?" which could be responded to with, "Well, I did see a musical last week."

    Maybe spankos could use something similar. Like... "Hey, have you seen that movie The Secretary?"
    You'll probably either get "Um, no" or "Yes, I loved it!" The latter strongly suggests you're talking with a spanko.

  2. Hi Kelley,

    This is a great topic and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Unfortunately the linked audio is a repeat of the "OMG, I Love Puppies!" post.

    As for what else I'd like to hear, spanking adventures are *always* fun. Also, you might tell us more about how it feels to be a graduating senior (We're so proud of you!).


  3. Same as Bonnie I hope you sort out the file as I am looking forward to hearing it.

    Not that I am one to talk as I have not posted for weeks and I understand if you have other things going on but I will miss you posts if you take a break.

  4. The link took me to the audio file about code words which i think is a great idea. BTW what happened to your idea about posting pics of your new panty purchase. I think you modeling your new panties for a photo spread would be a great start to the new year. But I do realize you are getting ready to start the new semester and this idea would be way down on your priority list.

  5. OTK!! I can tell by your fun audio that you're still kicking yourself for not going up to them and questioning them a little further lol. The code word is a great idea though. Kelley, I wonder if someone came up to you and said something in code randomly if you would be caught off guard or what you say?
    Hmmmm....great post!