Saturday, January 8, 2011


UPDATE: Hey guys, so it should be fixed now. I just uploaded the wrong file from my phone and I didn't check. Clearly I should be spanked for my carelessness.

So if you tried listening to it before and you just heard me freaking out about loving puppies, lol, try again now :)

Hey team.
So sorry about the wrong audio! I must have just uploaded the wrong file.
On my way home from a football game but i will fix it just a soon as i get home!
Love y'all!

Princess Kelley

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  1. I'm glad you got the correct file loaded. I think you should take your new wooden hairbrush and give yourself a spanking and post the pictures for us so that we know you were punished for your carelessness. :)

  2. I think "Do you like OTK?" could work. Pass it off as a band or TV show if people don't recognize it. Or, as mentioned previously, bring up a film or book that is pretty exclusive to spankos. The Secretary, O, The Scarlet Letter even would probably work.

  3. Perhaps some short phrase an anagram for O.T.K.

  4. Hi Kelley,

    I love the idea of a codeword, but it has to be something we spankos all understand. Equally important, it must be a signal that the most of the rest of the world doesn't recognize. There's no sense in needlessly outing oneself to strangers.

    As you say, OTK is probably the best alternative available. A slight rub of a bottom cheek (perhaps accompanied by a subtle wince for emphasis) might also communicate spanko inclinations.

    A couple of years ago, my husband Randy came up with the idea of a tag in the form of a small strip of red cloth tied to the center back belt loop. Alas, it never caught on.

    The phrase "percussive arts" could work as well. If thee listener fails to understand, it can be explained away as meaning drumming.

    Likewise, if one is going paddling, there may or may not be a canoe involved.

    Finally, in the US anyway, there's always "It's my birthday! How should we celebrate?"

    That's a fun topic. I should write a post about it...


  5. I was meeting with a friend the other day who talked about getting her new canoe and wanting a nice, long paddle. She claimed she had been out paddling, but it just wasn't long enough. If only someone would give her a longer paddle.

    Amazingly, she's not a spanko, just naive to how her monologue sounded.