Monday, January 10, 2011

Princess Kelley, Age 12 and The MySpace Song

Hey Team,
Ever make a website when you were in middle school?

Unless you're my age, the answer is probably not. Imagine having your middle school life on a website- pre-facebook of course.

This is about a fabulous song called My Hope by Molly Lewis that is hysterical, and my response and then me finding my middle school website and freaking out about it :)

Part 1:
The song and thoughts on Facebook and the passage of time

Part 2:
Me laughing so hard I break my recorder (about 20 seconds)

Part 3:
The finding of my old website

Princess Kelley


  1. Sorry to disappoint you little Princess, but when I was in middle school a website was usually associated with Charlotte's Web.

  2. Seconded, when I was in middle school none of us had websites and few people had heard of the Internet. And today was going so great before I started feeling old.

  3. In response to the question posed in the audio, I don't think I have any profile pages or dead websites out there. I tend not to get on the Myspace, Blogspot, Wordpress, Geocities style bandwagons. So no missing ten year old profile pages for me.

    Though, come to think of it, I do have floppy disks lying around my computer room that are about your age, Princess Kelley.

    For folks who liked the Myspace song, there's a Facebook song in the same spirit here:

  4. I can remember chatting on bulletin boards and freaking telephone lines in the pre-web days. Later it was chat rooms, ICQ, hosting sites but I was off line for years between 1999 and 2006. Will any of that come back to haunt me as in the song I doubt you can find anything to run it on now. The most interesting thing to me is the HUGE technological chasm between your generation and mine. With that said I do not a movie would have to be "dumbed down" too much for me.