Monday, April 16, 2012

The British are Coming! The British are Coming!

Everybody freak out!!!

After failing to be one of the 6 countries that Texas has been a part of (France, Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, The Confederacy (yes, down here people consider that a country), and The US), and losing the devastating defeat to the American colonies back in 1783, they have finally launched their insidious plan to take over Texas!

Invasion by hot British spanking models!!!!

*cue dramatic music and audible gasps*

This plan has quite the potential. Knowing how big, powerful, Texas men are likely to fall for these innocent looking creatures, they have been dispatched to the Texas All State Spanking Party in June to use their feminine wiles against us.

The two agents being sent are known as Amelia Jane Rutherford (left) and Pandora Blake (right). Do NOT let their beautiful faces and bodies and innocent smiles fool you. They are trained operatives in the spanking assassin arts.

The details of the plot are yet unknown, but all should be advised and use extreme caution.

Princess Kelley


  1. Nothing wrong with us Brits. But if you have an issue with those two, feel free to spank them!

  2. Pandora has an awesome ass.

  3. Actually the only country other than The United States and Mexico with which the Republic of Texas had diplomatic relations was Jolly ole' Britain. I've seen the historical marker in London where the actual embassy was, and there's a touristy restaurant called the Texas Embassy that serves terrible BBQ and chicken fried steak.

    Will Amelia wear her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume?