Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A (rather Drunken) Blog Post from Daddy

Hey Team,

Sorry for the extended hiatus again. Things have been rather busy lately in mostly good ways. Was spending lots of time with my family, and working hard on TASSP and an estate sale I am running for Daddy.

Anywho, so last night I made a nice dinner for us that involved wine (which I love and drink a lot of- I am contemplating getting my sommelier license actually) which he normally doesn't drink.

He then insisted after our shenanigans that he wanted to write this... sooo...

OK. So my BabyGirl Princess Kelley is sitting gingerly on a very sore bottom, making loud noises like "Bllllupupipipip!!!!" and "Ohhhhh Long Johnson!!!" We drank an entire bottle of SIMI Sonoma County Chardonnay 2009 which, along with our huge quantities of meds caused one of us to became REALLLLY drunk and start throwing pillows, taking out most of the items on the kitchen counter. (I had to ask her what that flat thing in t5he kitchen was called...) Then since we'd drunk all of the chardonnay, she suggested I take my handful of powerful drugs with another bottle of wine, a Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico, Riserva 2007 (which took me five tries to type), which she decided not to tell me had gone over aqnd becomd the nastiest tasting vinegar you ever tasted. Then, as I gtried not to vomit, she started talking about eating snot.
I then tried to spank her, but she resisted, and took unfiar advantage of my athritic elbows, so I tricked herm by acting like I was so drunk I used the wrong side of a hrirbrush to spanke her, then fell on the floor laughing. She leaned over the side of the couch, and I sprung into actiopn!! I grabbed her and dragged her over the couch end thingie and blistered her rear ened with a hairbrush (the right side this time.)

Old age and treachery always wisn out over youth and skill!!!!!
(That was so all you other old farts couold buck up!!)
Now her cat is attackin g my ankkles.


I decided to leave all the typo's *muahaha* ;)
Princess Kelley


  1. Sounds like y'all had a wild and crazy but fun night! However, isn't throwing your drunken daddy under the bus by leaving this on the blog a spankable offense? I'm not sure you should have left his post as is. I learned within the 1st month to quickly edit/take down any evidence of PWI (posting while intoxicated) and think maybe you owe him that- I mean, I'm sure he would have gone back and edited it if your cat hadn't been attacking him, right?

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  3. Slightly concerned at the combination of meds and alcohol, truth be told, but as long as you don't feel ill afterwards, it's okay for now.

    And what with the evil bratiness of leaving up all those typos, I'd say that hairbrushing was well-deserved!

  4. Wow.. major typos. Lol. Of course, even if he was sober, he still couldnt spell!