Monday, December 17, 2012

"The Night"

Hey team,
So occasionally I write things down when I'm being smart and not jet letting my feelings overtake me. And occasionally those things end up being poems. They are always anxiety and never any good, but I thought I would share this one. It sucks, but hey. I never claimed to be a writer. Just a girl.

Princess Kelley

The night is painful
because the night is empty.
It's dark and quiet;
the excitement from the day gone to rest.

The phone stays defiantly still;
inbox empty--
refresh button be damned.
When all that is left is a re-run
of an informertial you've seen twice
Or the latest from the "next great"
crossover artist on the radio.

When the constant roar
turns to a dull moan.
When the walls stop screaming,
and you hear the screams within.

The night is not painful;
the pain is omnipresent.
The night is simply quiet enough,
dull enough, to feel it.
Feel it over the stimulation
we pump ourselves full of
in fear.

I do not fear the dark.
I do not fear the quiet.
I do not fear the night.
I fear my head,
my heart,
my self.
And I fear the dark, the quiet,
-the night-
will let them loose.

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