Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Very Red Bottom

Hey ya'll. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has commented lately and been so supportive of me. It really has meant a lot.

I just had one of the best days with John that he and I have ever shared together. He was the guy that I fell in love with again. And all the drama, all the pain, it just seemed so.... strange. Not silly. I can still feel it, and its still hard somedays, but I love him more than anything, and I'm not about to give him up.

So now, that being said, he is still my Daddy, and there are some times that maybe I don't want to see him. Lol. That's not true actually. Not at all. But there are definitely times that I don't want a spanking! Not a bad girl one anyway. And unfortunately for me, due to all of the drama, and trying to just feel happy with each other again, a lot of my big punishments have gotten pushed back, and set aside, while the list seems to keep growing. And its growing not with little things but with BIG doozy, major spanking type things.

Unlike Edward, John doesn't just lump everything that I've done since I last saw him into one really really big spanking, but rather each little thing that I did is its own Really big spanking! So I'm not going to be sitting well for probably the next month or so!

The picture is from Saturday, when I recieved a pretty severe punishment for my constant bratty behavior (foot stopping, eye rolling and the like). That's a difficult thing for me...and I'm not sure how I feel about getting such a harsh punishment for it- I never mean any harm- but Daddy has no qualms about making his feelings quite clear. The spoon, hairbrush, and 20 with the punishment strap later I was a sobbing, teary eyed, remorseful little girl, promising that third time was a charm! (Yeah...ok, so that was the 3rd time I'd been punished for the same thing that maybe I did deserve it...but it still really hurt! *pout, stomps foot* hmph! :( )

Now, as bad as that seems, its NOTHING compared to the punishment I got a couple weeks ago that resulted in those bruises from a couple posts ago. I know I promised to write about it, and I really really want to, but I just promised Daddy that I would read Psychology, and I need all the brownie points I can get at this rate. So for now I'll just have to tell you that the other spanking consisted of spoon, spatula, cane, hairbrush, bathbrush, cane, and spoon again. Full spankings with each. Intrigued? Terrified? Both? lol, details will come soon, I promise. And I think I'll re-write that post I was doing on exposure when all the badness happened. B/c Daddy is just so good at making me feel naked- and that is really hard to do- and so I just feel the need to write about it.

Love ya'll and hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Wish me luck with midterms this week. I'm going to need it!


Princess Kelly


  1. Kelly,
    Lovely to see your backside once again!
    Jean Marie

  2. Kelly,

    I agree with Jean Marie ! I've enjoyed this blog since I found it, but when you stopped posting pictures I freely admit that my interest waned a bit.

    I think your pictures really add a lot of intimacy to the blog. Plus, you're a hottie, so that never hurts :)


  3. That's a great pic, Princess. I could hang that on my wall as the perfect poster for showing what happens to little girls when they get in really big trouble with their Daddy. That bottom looks perfectly spanked.

    Good luck on your midterms this week. And a lot of good luck with all the trouble you're in. It sounds like you're really going to need it.


  4. Jean Marie- I have some things I'd like to say to you...most of them not very nice...but I'm not sure how i want to phrase it yet so I'll hold off until I can figure it out.

    Matt- Thanks for the comment, and for being honest about the fact that you were less interested when the pictures went away. Its ok coming from you, since I am very aware of how much you care about my well being when we talk. And I do agree that the pictures add an intimacy to it, and thats why i love having them here. And thank you for the compliment. I hope though, that if they were to go away again that you would still be atleast somewhat interested in my life.

    Aww. Thank you sweetheart. lol, thats very nice- i like the pic a lot too. Not an all time favorite, but the redness in my backside puts it up there in the top 10 probably. I will definitely pass on your praise to daddy...though I'm loath to encourage him! (he agreed with me though when I first saw my bottom in the mirror and said that was how I liked it- nice and hot and rosy red- that it was pretty than when its all bruised and battered.)

    Thank you for the well wishes. I do really need them. Hope to hear from you again soon.